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Because we've had more experience.

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What is George Michael's sexual orientation?

Gay, he was just a little slow in realizing it.

What is it called when someone has a sexual experience at a young age and is stunted by this traumatic experience?

It is called child sexual abuse or sexual assault.

How do you describe a sexual experience?


How many women will experience sexual assault in her lifetime?

1 out of 6 American women will experience sexual assault of some type in her lifetime.

What is the difference between sexual orientation and sexual interest?

It doesn't matter what your sexual orientation is. You either have sexual interests or you don't.

Are gay people perverts?

AnswerOnly if straight people are perverts. We think the same way straight people do. We just think them about people of the same sex.AnswerIn my lifetime, all of my partners have been heterosexual; their number can be counted on one hand. Yet, within this limited personal experience, every possible sexual act that gay people may engage in has been either performed by or suggested by these heterosexual partners. Even in my limited experience, I can tell you that gay people do nothing different or more physically perverted than anyone else. Perverted is desiring or performing sexual acts outside of what a partner considers their normal range.

Are jellyfish sexual or asexual?

They can be either.

In the state of Alabama is it limited to where sexual predators can live and work?

In the state of Alabama it is limited where sexual predators can live and work. The state does not allow sexual predators to live near schools, playgrounds, or parks. Predators are not allowed to work around children.

What does the sexual experience feel like?

It varies from individual to individual.

What to do on honeymoon night with your wife?

Give her the best sexual experience you can!

Are snails sexual?

yes and no. They can do it either way

What kind of fertilization do sponges use?

it is either sexual or asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction is internal.

Can you be a lesbian and have no sexual experience?

Yes! Being a lesbian just means that you are attracted to other girls, not that you've had sexual relations with them.

Will a bad first sexual experience wreck a budding relationship?


When do people experience surging physical growth and sexual maturation?


What do you call a person with no sexual orientation?

There is no such thing as a person with no sexual orientation. There are people who experience no sexual attraction and these people are labelled as asexual. Asexual is a sexual orientation.

What is the sexual orientation of Dylan and Cole Sprouse?

There are no reports of either actor publicly indicating his sexual orientation.

What is the charge Sexual Offense?

The charge(s) of Sexual Offense include (but not limited to):* Sex or Sexual Contact with a Minor * Unsolicited/Unwarranted contact that may be of a sexual or suggestive nature * Rape * Sodomy * In most states: Abduction and Kidnapping

How a hard core become strong?

A limited sexual life become a strong hardcore.

What is making out with a Scorpio as in the zodiac like?

It will be a sexual experience you'll NEVER forget!

Is it okay for a 13 year old to have had a sexual experience?

No, it's not. Not in my opinion anyway.

How do you impress your newly wedded wife on honeymoon?

Give her the best sexual experience you can!

What some changes experience by people during puberty?

The main change is physical growth. There is also sexual growth as in reaching sexual maturity.

When there is no sexual attraction to people of either sex that is called?


30year old going out with your gf for 3 years who is 4 years my junior lost my virginity to her she had one previous sexual experience just the once however i feel i need another sexual experience?

Bang her best friend.