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Property prices are based on the demand in the market.

It is a classical supply and demand situation. If few people want to live in an area, but there is a large stock of housing available, then prices are driven down. Sometimes house prices go so low that owners give up trying to sell and simply abandon their houses.

In the same way, if many people want to live in an area but there is a small stock of available housing, then prices are driven up.

Clearly, at this time Buffalo, NY is not a very desirable address.

If you look at the population figures for Buffalo you will see the population has been going down for a long time. Too many homes, too few people.

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Is Buffalo New York big?

Compared to New York City, Buffalo New York is quite small. But compared to Buffalo, Wyoming, Buffalo New York is quite large. So size of cities depends on the comparisons you use.

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Buffalo, New York is 600 feet above sea level.

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It is 130miles from Buffalo, New York to Syracuse, New York. [Geographically speaking]

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