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If you read the account, there was no mention of people living in nearby villages mentioned. At the time that Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden, they were the only humans living on earth. There is no mention of any other humans until Genesis 4:1 where Eve became pregnant and gave birth t their first son, Cain. This was after they had been cast out of the garden in Genesis chapter 3. There weren't "other people living in nearby villages" Adam & Eve were the first two humans created, then the scriptures tell us they had "sons & daughters", when Cain was sent into banishment he took along with him one of his sisters or cousins.

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What is the Number of people living nearby to the Kilauea volcano?

As of 2000 148, 677 people live on the big island of Hawaii where Kilauea along with other active volcanoes, are situated!!! Hope this helps!

What percentage of Central Americans live on farms or in small villages?

40% of people live countryside , where as, the other 60% live in cities or villages.

How do people earn a living in Bali?

Most Balinese earn their living from agriculture and live in villages. Other work on industries such as tourism industry, government offices, teachers and other supporting business. People employed in the cities or tourist resorts may well commute from their village home each day, and even those whose villages are far away still identify with them and return on particular festivals. from

Early people formed villages when they began to?

socialize and interact with each other.

When did African villages exist if it is historical?

Africans lived in villages since there have been Africans, basically, millions of years. Humans need to sleep in villages with other people to be protected from wild animals.

Where do most people live in Pakistan?

Most Pakistani people live in villages or undeveloped and under developed area. In Pakistan about 60% people live in villages whenever other live in cities and towns.

What were talking drums used for?

sending messages to people in other villages and people whith in 5 miles.

How did the Romans know in what direction to go when they built a straight road from one town to another?

Ancient Romans met up with people from other towns and sent scouts to find nearby villages. This is how they knew where to build roads that would lead to these locations.

How slave were obtained in west and east Africa?

Slaves were obtained in east and west africa by nearby villages capturing the inhabitants and trading them to the slave shippers in return for guns and other goods.

Where do European dragons live?

European dragons live in dark caves, where they selfishly hide hoards of gold, diamonds,and other precious stones. They come out of their cave and cause havoc in nearby villages, spilling flames and destroying houses. They also visit villages to steal food.

Are there people living other plantes?

no their are not people living on other planets because where would they get the oxygen to breath or food and drink

Did the old stone age trade with other people?

no in new stone age trading begin some villages which have better clay and stone begin to change poetry and tool with other villages and so trading begin

Who lives at missions?

Priests, travellers and a few trusted local Indians. Soldiers for the protection of the mission and enforcement of the priests enslavement of the local tribe. The other Indians associated with the mission lived in nearby villages.

What problems did early farming villages face?

If the farm crop failed or the lack of rain caused a drought or people starved. Floods and fires caused a damage and death. With more people living near each other than before. Diseases spread easily.

Where does japan people live in cities or the country?

Japanese people, as with any other country in the world, live in cities, towns, villages and in the countryside.

What happened to the people that lived in chernobyl?

Many people were evacuated from the nearby city of Pripyat,while other people were poisoned by the radiation and mutated.

What is people's influence on other living things?

people can influence living things because we are living therefor other living things listen to our influence and stuff

What is the penguin's ideal living environment?

cold with icebergs to live on. also, ocean nearby so they can eat fish. in other words: antarctica

How does the villages communicate with each other in things fall apart?

by using a gong. between the villages

How do the people in Iceland make a living?

Icelandic people are no different from any other people. They have to work to make a living and they work normal jobs like any other person.

Why did simple villages become into complex villages?

Surplus and specialization led to the growth of villages. Life became more complex in certain villages as they developed. Extra food and other supplies meant that more people could live together. In this way, surpluses encouraged the growth of villages and population. Surpluses also led to increase trade. People in one village might trade their surplus food for the surplus tools in another village. Workers became more specialized. Potters, Weavers, and other craftpeople often spent years learning their skills. A complex village had a larger population than a simple village, with people living closer together. The larger the population had a greater supply of skills, ideas, and needs. As a results, life in a complex village was more varied and complicated than that in a simple village.

How do people use the Niger river?

Well technically people used the Niger River for trade, sharing ideas, traveling, and companies to other villages.

What did the people do in the lifeboats of the Titanic?

They huddled nearby each other till they were rescued by another ship, Carpathia.

How does the movement of people affect Bulgaria?

like others in other countries nearby. the same approach and action

Why were some of the villages abandoned in the black death?

Some villages were abandoned because most of the people died and there were not enough people left to maintain the village. Some villages were abandoned because the entire family of the local lord was killed, and the people who remained went to other villages so they could be part of a continuing society. Some villages were abandoned because there were not enough agricultural workers left after the Black Death, and local lords who had more money could tempt the serfs away from the manors of those lords who did not have enough to keep them.

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