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Q: How is kinetic energy used?
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Related questions

Why does a rocket have kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy is energy in use. So when a rocket is being used, it is releasing kinetic energy. Before a rocket is used, it has potential energy. Once ignited, the rocket is using kinetic energy.

Is kinetic energy the energy that is stored but not being used?

No. Kinetic energy is energy related to movement.

Is swimming potential energy or kinetic energy?

potential energy is stored energy and kinetic energy is being used. So it is kinetic.

What is kinetic used for?

kinetic energy is used in rolarcoasters! fun!

Why are potential energy and kinetic energy considered states of energy?

They are states of energy, because kinetic energy is energy being used; potential energy that is being stored to be used.

How is kinetic energy used in swimming?

when you are swimming, that uses kinetic energy. anything that is currently moving, it is using kinetic energy. you will also have more kinetic energy depending on your mass and speed.

Which best describes the energy conversion that happens when hydroelectric power plants are used to make electricity?

Kinetic energy to electrical energy

What are the variable units for kinetic energy?

Any unit that you can use for energy can be used for kinetic energy.

How can chemical energy change to kinetic energy?

chemical reactions can produce energy and heat that can be used for movement and as such kinetic energy. Combustion enginecreate kinetic energy by igniting gasoline.

Is it possible to have more kinetic energy than potential energy?

No, because potential energy is the amount of energy that COULD be used, while kinetic energy is the amount of energy that IS being used.

Is standing on the top of a slide kinetic energy or potential energy?

kinetic energy

If chemical energy can be used to produce kinetic energy what is an example of using chemical energy to produce kinetic energy?

Your car.

Why isn't potential and kinetic energy not equal?

kinetic is not a potential energy because kinetic energy is made of movement but potential energies are stored but can be used

What unit is used for kinetic energy?

The same units as for any type of energy. There is no special unit for kinetic energy.

What uses kinetic energy from moving air?

the brakes on a bicycle when used turn kinetic energy into chemical energy.

What happens to the kinetic energy of a machine when it stops?

the kinetic energy that is being used simply changes then into wate energy

What is used to measure kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy is measured in the units of joules. Mostly all energy units are measured in joules.

What are some exaples of kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Running a race, throwing a ball or shooting the cue ball are examples of kinetic energy being used.

Why is the kinetic energy after a collision always less than the kinetic energy before the collision and what happens to kinetic energy after a collision?

Some of the kinetic energy will be converted to heat energy and sound energy and some energy may be used in deforming the two or more objects that collided and that would result in lessened kinetic energy

What is the energy that is waiting to be used?

Kinetic energy

What is conetic energy?

I think you mean Kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is energy in motion. An example of kinetic energy is playing, jumping or walking. The other energy is called Potential energy. This is energy waiting to be used like a battery.

What type of energy is used when bending your fingers?

the type of energy used when you use your fingers is called kinetic energy. because in this energy u move and kinetic means to move

What is kinetic head?

toy used to create kinetic energy

What are examples of chemical to kinetic energy?

A good example of chemical to kinetic energy is a steam engine. Coal is used to power the engine, and as the coal burns it turns into kinetic energy that is used to power the engine its self.

How is potential and kinetic energy used?

potential energy is the energy that an object has stored up. kinetic energy is an object in motion. :) hi ppl :)))))))