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How is math used in sports?

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Sports uses Statistics

Statistics, for example, were used in the Olympics, for the medals table and various qualifications for SPORTING events.

You have to know math to determine a Baseball player's batting average (number of base hits / number of at bats), a team's winning percentage (number of wins / number of games played), or a pitcher's earned run average (number of earned runs / (number of innings pitched / 9)).

You have to add points up to get a team's total score.

Well of course you know that but , for example in Basketball ,the player may know her or his sweet spot (where they mostly get the ball in the hoop) so they must remember where their sweet spot is. Does that sound a bit less confusing?

Another application of math in sports is the use of angles. Goaltenders use angle to reduce the amount of net that a player has to shoot out. The further towards the player they come the closer they are to intercepting the shot.

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