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Okay the Sun, big yellow object , is a star! Only the ancient Chinese seemed to recognize this fact, and to this day the Nationalist Chinese flag has a twelve-pointed Blue and white star, in various forms- winged for Flying Tigers, flanked by dolphins for Submarine service, etc.The twelve points are the calendar months.

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Is your sun similar or different to other stars?

Our sun is similar to other stars. It is classified as a G-type main sequence star, which is fairly common.

How is the sun different from other stars on the main sequence?

It is not any different from any other star of similar mass on the main sequence, it is a typical star.

How is the sun similar to the stars?

The sun is similar to other stars because it is a star itself. All stars are made of the same types of materials, hydrogen and helium. In addition to the same make up, all stars also have a life cycle.

Are there other stars similar to the Sun?

The Sun is a G-type star. There are millions of them throughout our galaxy alone.

How is the Sun similar to others stars?

The Sun is a fairly average star. Like many other stars, the Sun produces energy. It emits light and heat.

How are the star and sun similar?

Stars reflect the suns light

What are the similarities and differences of the Sun with other stars?

The son is a mid size star so it is similar to many, but it is definitely not the biggest.

What is a star constellation?

A star constellation is a collection of stars that never move, unlike other stars.

Is the earth's sun similar or the same as stars?

Our sun is an average star.

How are stars in the same star cluster simalar?

similar age and composition.

How many stars on average do they use to rate movies?

Usually 5 stars to rate a movie but IMDB.COM uses a 10 star rating other sites might be similar.

How is a star similar to the sun if it has the same absorption lines in its spectrum?

The spectrum of a star shows what elements are present so that the composition can be approximated. Stars with similar spectra will have a similar composition.

How are a star and a planet similar?

Something similar between a planet and a star is they are both formed by the accumulation of debris in space. Some planets are called gas giants which are similar to stars.

How is the production of Star fuel similar to the production of solar energy?

Most stars get their energy in the same way as our Sun. Remember: our Sun is a star; stars are suns.

How do stars become parts of other stars?

They Collide and become part of another star which causes Stars to be come Parts of other Stars.

What are stars similar to the sun called?

The Sun is a as a G2V type star, a yellow dwarf and a main sequence star.

What is the proof that the sun is a star?

It is hot and luminous. It has the same spectral qualities of other stars. It's chemical composition is the same as other stars. It's a star - We call our star the Sun.

How does the sun compare in size to other stars?

The sun is an average sized star. It is not huge compared to other stars, nor small to other stars.

How do you determine the mass of a star?

Determining the mass of the star accurately is only possible with binary stars or stars with objects orbiting around them, usually planets. By observing the motion of the two objects it's possible to determine mass of both objects, using Kepler's 3rd law [See related link] For other stars, an approximation is made based on the type of star, it's radius and comparing it with other stars of a similar type and of a known mass.

Why does the sun look like a medium size star than the other stars?

The Sun is closer that any other star to us, there for the sun looks larger than other stars. The sun is actually small in comparison to other stars.

How are Bernard's star and Mira similar?

Bernard's star and Mira are both red stars. Mira is a red giant star while Bernard's star is a red dwarf star.

How are Barnard's star and Mira similar?

their both red stars and are about 3,000 Celsius in temperature.

When compared to other stars red giant stars are what?

When compared to the other stars, the Red Giant Star are very minute. There are other stars that are very large by far as compared to the Red giant stars.

What is unusual the sun compared to other stars?

The sun can be considered unusual compared to other stars because it has no companion. Nearly half of all know stars exist in pairs or in multiple star groupings. For example, the nearest star to the Sun, Proxima Centauri, is red dwarf star in a grouping with 2 other stars.

What is Group of stars that are closer together to each other than to surrounding stars?

That can be a binary star, a triple star, etc. - in general, a "star system".