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High pressure = High temperature

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How is air pressure affected by temperature?

High pressure coming from the south

Venus atmosphere has what?

Compared to Earth's, it has:* A high pressure * An extremely high temperature

What happens to the temperature when air pressure drops?

When air pressure drops temperature also drops. Thus on high mountains low air pressure is accompanied by low temperature. This is true for high atmosphere also.

What is flashsteam?

Flash steam is steam that is produced when high temperature high pressure water is released to the atmosphere.

What conditions cause deviations from the ideal gas?

High pressure, and low temperature.High pressure, and low temperature.High pressure, and low temperature.High pressure, and low temperature.

What temperature does methanol boil at high altitude?

How high is high? The boiling temperature depends on the pressure of the atmosphere above the liquid. The higher you go the lower is the atmospheric pressure, and so the boiling temperature. Methanol boils at 64.7°C (148.4°F) at 760mmHg, about sea level.

Can liquid water turn to solid in high pressure but high temperature?

Implausible. In high pressure, the temperature drops. So if there initially was a high temperature, then that would be offset by the increase in pressure.

How do high pressure belts form?

They form because of high and low pressure in the atmosphere.

High pressure and high temperature cause rocks to?

High temperature and pressure can cause rocks to change their forms. This is known as metamorphic.High pressure and high temperature can cause rocks to change forms. This is known as metamorphic.

What happens to Ideal Gas Law at High Pressure and High Temperature?

At high temperature and pressure the volume of a particular gas will increase

What factors affect sublimation?

pressure and ofcourse temperature

What is the effect of the temperature on the vapour pressure?

Vapor pressure increase at high temperature.

Why is temperature more important than pressure in sterilization?

High temperature can kill, high pressure usually won't.

What is the weather like in both high and low-pressure conditions?

high pressure = cold temperature low pressure = warm temperature

Under ordinary conditions of temperature and pressure how are the particles of a gas arranged?

The particles are far apart and moving randomly. Due to something called thermal equilibrium, an object, if left for a certain amount of time, will reach the same temperature as its surroundings. When a gas is placed in an environment that has, let's say, 1 atmosphere of pressure, it will equalize to 1 atmosphere of pressure, going from high pressure to low pressure. And the same will happen with temperature, so leave a gas in an environment for long enough and it will reach the same temperature and pressure as its environment.

Why does the atmosphere exert pressure on you?

Because the atmosphere is over 100 kilometers high. :)

What will happen if the Gas is kept at low temperature and high pressure?

At low temperature and high pressure, the VOLUME of the gas will be reduced.

What happens to air pressure when temperature is high?

Higher temperature = Higher air pressure.

Why there is precipation in the atmosphere?

This could be interpretted several ways. The atmosphere is not uniform, there are areas of high and low pressure, humidity and temperature. So for hot places water vapour rises into the atmosphere, wind travels down a pressure gradient and the temperature drops causing the water vapour to condense until it is too heavy and falls down as precipitation.

What does the condenser do in a refrigeration or air conditioning system?

It passes heat out of the high pressure high temp vaporized refrigerant so the it becomes a high pressure lower temperature liquid.It passes heat out of the high pressure high temp vaporized refrigerant so the it becomes a high pressure lower temperature liquid.

Does Venus have an atmosphere that's livable?

Yes, if you go high enough in the atmosphere there is a spot where the temperature is about 70 degrees and the pressure is a tad less than on earth. All you really need is air.

Define boiling point using vapor pressure?

The boiling point of a substance is the temperature at which the vapor pressure is equal to the pressure of the surrounding atmosphere. At high altitudes the atmospheric pressure is lower so the boiling point of substances is reduced. A lower temperature is required for the vapor pressure to equal the atmospheric pressure. The converse is true for increased atmospheric pressure.

From what pressure to what pressure does the global wind go?

high pressure areas are where temperature is low. in the case of global winds, it is during winter. low pressure areas have high temperature (summer).

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