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About the only thing certain is if it has no serial number it was made in 1968 or earlier. If it has a serial number it MAY have been made later, or maybe not. If you have a model number, most can be cross-referenced to the actual manufacturer's model and sometimes this will lead to an approximate (+/- 20 years) date of manufacture.

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Q: How is the age of a western field 12 gauge single shot shotgun by Montgomery wards determined?
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What company makes a western field 410 shotgun that is bolt action and what is the location of the company?

The Western Field shotgun was sold by Montgomery Ward and made by Mossberg. Made around 1964. I inherited one that is in mint condition and still fires. It is a 410 single barrel 150c shotgun.

Any Information on Montgomery Wards shotgun Western Field model 36. I have my grandfathers and would like to know some history on it and value?

Correction.... It is a single barrel, pump action

What is the value of Montgomery wards 410 single shot shotgun?

i saw one on auction for 35.00

Is Elizabeth Montgomery single?

No, Elizabeth Montgomery is not single.

Who made western field single shot shotgun?

I would need to know the model number of your shotgun to help you with your question.

What is a words western field model 10-sd247a?

The words Western Field means that you have a firearm that was made for the Montgomery wards Co.In this case you have a firearm that was made by Stevens,and the model that you have is The stevens model 94B(Tenite).This is a single shot shotgun that was first made in 1926.

Who manufactured the Texas ranger 12 gauge single shot shotgun sold by Montgomery wards?

J. Stevens.

What is the value of a single shot Western Arms shotgun?


Can you identify my weserfield 12 ga single shot serial?

If you are asking about a shotgun which was made with the Western Field name,then you would have to supply the model number,so it can be cross referenced to the actual firearm manufacturer.The Western Field name was used by the now closed retailer Montgomery Wards Company.

When was the Enders Royal Western single shot shotgun made?

Before 1930.

What is the value of a 12 gauge single shot Texas Ranger shotgun sold by Montgomery Ward?

Less than $100.

What is the age and value of a Western Field 12 gauge shotgun?

Western field 12 gauge single shot shotgun serial #82719 x G...age and value/

Western field m150a single barrel shot gun?

Yes, it's a bolt-action 410 gauge shotgun.

How old is a Western Field Model 155a bolt action 410 gauge shotgun what does the A stand for?

A" designates single shot.

What is the value of a western field 12 gauge single shot 32 inch barrel matted rib?

Your Western Field shotgun has a value of between 35-90 dollars.

What is the value of a single shot 16 gauge Acme Western shotgun?

$25 to $75. Could break $100 if it is in absolutely like-new condition.

How much is a 12 gauge revelation single shot shotgun worth that you bought at western auto many years ago?

100 USD is about the maximum.

Value of 1901 Harrington and Richardson 12 gauge single barrel shotgun?

1901 single barrel shotgun, washingtion

Any info on wards western field model 25XNH-10N?

If yours is a single shot .22, it was made for Montgomery Wards by Noble- and it is a Noble Model 10.

What is your western field 22 m815 worth?

Your rifle was made for Montgomery Wards(western field) by Mossberg.The Mossberg model 320 is the same rifle.these single shot .22cal rifles are worth between 55-110 dollars.

Can anyone provide information on a Western Arms Co 12 gauge single shot shotgun serial number is TS998 Thanks?

I have a similar gun 12 g single with hammer style Western Arms Co,,,, from my grandfathers serial # JX 450 email me

Western Field 12ga single shot shotgun that you are looking for its Manufacturer age and where to obtain parts The serial number is W 89310 XFAny help is greatfully appreciated?

Western Fields shotguns were made by several different companies. They were sold in stores like Sears, Montgomery Ward, etc. Savage is one of the most common makers. You can try to find parts here: or

Carolina Arms 10 Gauge Shotgun single barrel hammer?

when was the carolina arms 16 gauge single barrel shotgun made

12 ga 32 inch barrel long tom single barrel shotgun?

Buy Shotgun. Buy Shotgun.

Who manufactured a single shot shotgun 16 gauge with Excel stamped on it?

Excel was a trade name used by HD Folsom Arms and Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works on shotguns made for Montgomery Wards.

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