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How is the area of Southeast Asia united?


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real stupid answerIt is separated from the rest of the Asia by the set of mountains, that keeps Southeast Asia together in one cluster/group.

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The largest country in southeast Asia in land area is China.If China is not considered part of southeast Asia, then the answer is Indonesia.

Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia by population and area.

Distance between southeast asia to england is 7446 miles. It covers the southern asiatic part of the area. England comes under the united kingdom region.

Known as SEA (Southeast Asia).

To protect western interests in Southeast Asia and to stop the spread of communism in Asia & southeast asia.

Japan invaded the entire area around East and Southeast Asia.

Indonesia's land area is 1,904,569km2 therefore Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia

It is difficult for the United States to fight Southeast Asia for a few reasons. The main reason is because we get a lot of our goods from them.

Southeast Asia is a sub region of Asia, consists of 12 countries that are geographically south of China east of India and north of Australia. Southeast Asia has a land area of 5,000,000 km2 and population of 593,000,000.

Indonesia is the largest country in southeast Asia by area, (1,904,569 km2), as well as by population, (240,271,522 people).

=Hawaii is part of the United States.=

The Europeans introduced modern technology and expanded commerce and industry in Southeast Asia.

The location of southeast Asia is in the southern eastern part of southeast Asia

five major clusters of population, including East Asia, South Asia, Eurasia, Southeast Asia, and Northeast United States-Southeast Canada

Coffee grown in tropical climate and Southeast Asia is in tropical area. Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines are coffee exporter in the world.

Southeast Asia and South America

The Mainland and the Insular Southeast Asia.

Yes, it is in southeast Asia.

Australia is the continent southeast of asia.

Japan, United States, India and China are the four western powers in southeast asia

no they live in Asia mostly in the southeast area

Mexico is in North America, just south of the United States.

12% of southeast Asia is water.

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