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I think you may have the relationship backwards. The sticking point is almost always on the company side rather than the insurance company side. When you are in an insurance company network you agree to accept that carriers reimbursement amount for services rendered to a covered person of that insurance company. The reason your medical supply company is not in your carriers network is that they want more money than the insurance company is willing to pay for the product or service. From the insurance company's perspective, if medical supply company A will accept reimbursement of $100 for a widget there is litle reason they would not give the same deal to your medical supply company. It is much more likely that you supply company wants more than $100 for the widget. As insurance companies try to squeeze service providers on how much theywill pay for any given item you are seeing more of them drop off the 'in-network' list. Again, this is almost always the choice of the provider, not the insurance company. Good luck trying to convince an insurance company to pay your supply company more than they can get away with when using a competitor.

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Q: How is the best way to get your medical supply company listed as in-network with the larger insurance companies who are resistant?
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