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Through the nasal cavity

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Q: How is the nose connected to the teeth?
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Is your nose connected to your eyes?

No. But your nose is connected to your mouth.

Is the ear connected to nose?

yes, the nose is connected to the ear.

How are the ear and nose and throat connected?

The ears are connected to the sinuses by way of the Eustachian canal, and the nose and throat are connected by the sinuses and mouth.

Is your ear connected to your nose?

Yes. In fact, it is! Your ear is connected to your nose via the eustation tube.

How is the nose connected?

The nose is connected to the nasal bone protrusion via flexible cartilage surrounded by tissue and covered in skin.

Why is nose connected to the throat?

because the throat is connected to two other tubes, one which you breath from and one with you eat and drink, the nose is connected to the throat because people breath from the nose aswell as the mouth unless you are a mouth breather

What are teeth connected to?


Where are your teeth located?

the teeth are located below the nose and above the chin

How many teeth does a bottle nose dolphin have?

dolphins have about 100 teeth

If your nose is clogged why can you breathe through your mouth?

the throat is connected to the lungs directly. The nose is then connected to the throat. Hence the mouth can still breath when the nose is blocked.....remember when you drank lemonade and it fizzed back through your nose??

Is the nose and ear connected?


Are teeth connected to certain organs?


Can you blow your nose after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

No. I had my wisdom teeth out today, and one of the doctor's instructions was to not blow my nose for at least two weeks.

Are Chip and Dale twins?

No. Chip has a black nose, Dale has a red nose. Dale has Goofy type teeth, Chip has regular rodent teeth.

What nerve that connected in the nose?

The olfactory nerve is the cranial nerve responsible for innervating the nose.

Are the gums the soft area of the teeth?

The gums are the pink skin that the teeth are connected to.

What body part is connected to the pharynx?


If you dont have a nose can you taste?

no of course not because there is no holes and your nose is connected to the hole body you couldn't survive without a nose :)

Does a bottle nose dolphin have teeth?


Are bottle nose dolphins teeth sharp?

a bottle nose dolphin has 18-26 small sharp teeth on each side of its upper and lower jaw.

Who to tell chip and dale apart?

Chip has a black nose,smaller teeth and a serious demeanor. Dale has a red nose, buck teeth and is rather silly!

Why do you breathe from nose?

You breathe from your nose because both your mouth and nose airway are connected. Making it possible to breathe two ways

Are your mouth and your nose connected?

Yes they are connected because the Oral and Nasal Cavities open into the Pharynx.

How do you tell Chip and Dale apart?

Chip has a black nose and two centered protruding teeth. Dale on the other hand has a red nose and two buck teeth.

Which word is related to nose as chew is to teeth?