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What should be stated in the first step of the scientific method?

the problem ;)

What is stated as a question in scientific method?

It also sometimes called the problem or hypothesis.

Why do you need to state the problem?

The problem needs to be clearly stated in a scientific method. This is important to avoid any confusion later during the other steps.

How do scientists usually state predictions?

A scientific prediction, or hypothesis, is always stated using the "if, then" method. IF this happens, THEN this will result.

What of the scientific method is stated when the boy said you wonder why the dog's wound doesn't become infected?

Observation (that the would has not bevome infected) Curiosity (the wonder why)

How do scientists analyze the data they collected?

They use the scientific method!1.) ask2.)research3.)hypothesis4.)experiment5.)analyze6.)communicate7.)results .They also just do experiments (as stated in #4) and others, but mostly always use the scientific method to start!

What is the correct solution to this problem?

You have not stated any problem.

How is the problem resolved in walk two moon?

the problem that was stated was not the problem

Why do we need to state the problem?

If a problem is not stated, the problem can not be discussed, and a solution proposed.

In scientific inquiry a stated possible explanation is called?


In scientific inquiry a stated possible explanation is called what?


What is 1400 sq ft in m2?

1400 ft2/1 x 1m2/3.28 ft2 Cancel ft2 You're left with 1400 m2/3.28 Answer: 4.3x102m2 (scientific notation) 426.83 m2 (regular method) I recommend using scientific notation as your answer, because that is better stated

A problem well stated is a problem half solved?

Charles F. Kettering, I believe.

In order to be considered scientific a hypothesis must be?

In order to be considered scientific, a hypothesis must be testable, falsifiable, and clearly-stated.

What does a problem stated is a problem half solved mean?

John Dewey said, "A problem is half-solved if properly stated." This means that the first stage (which is the most often overlooked) in problem solving is to state the problem. There is no shame in taking a little extra time in understanding exactly what the problem is that is needing to be solved. Stating the problem, is half the battle.

The first time the problem and the solution should be stated together in a problem-solution essay is?


Is it possible to change a stated theory in the scientific world?

Possibly, if you have a major fact that was unknown.

Why does fire acrtact fish?

nobody knows why but the torches stated this method to hunt fishes

What are the three step method of identifying the stated main idea?

The three step method for determining the stated main idea of a passage is: 1. Identify the topic 2. Identify the key supporting details 3. Focus on the message of the topic

Cadillac 94 i lost read out for coolant temp voltsread out says system when i pull sir fuse out i get back read out for temp volts ecttach bounces with fuse in or out.?

It would be easier to help you if you simply stated the problem.It would be easier to help you if you simply stated the problem.

What is the difference between an escalation and a complaint?

A complaint is the initial problem being stated and the escalation is when the problem gets worse.

Why did the UN ban genetically modified foods?

The stated reason is lack of scientific scrutiny. The real reason is that they caved to public pressure despite scientific evidence of safety.

What is the problem being explored in a problem in science called?

It is called the problem and is usually asked as a question. After researching the problem, a temporary solution called a hypothesis is stated. Then an experiment is performed to test the hypothesis.

What is Selena Gomez's problem with Lebanon Why she never comes?

Selena Gomez has never said she has a problem with Lebanon. She has never stated why she doesn't visit there.

Who was responsible for the heliocentric theory that stated the earth revolved around the sun during the Scientific Revolution?

Nicholas Copernicus.