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There are basically two ways (1) Invasive technique such as a process known as anmiocentisis, which can be used to determine the sex of the fetus and if there is any genetic or gestation problems. (2) Non Invasive Technique such as 3D ultrasound imaging. This method is very safe, but the catch is that it can only be performed when the unborn is at least 2 months plus, and at times the results are not accurate.

And most importantly, these or similar processes are BANNED in countries like India where the sex ratio is highly skewed. And moreover, let there be an element of SURPRISE. It is very rewarding.

Ultra sound can determine the sex of a fetus after 18 weeks, and is usually pretty accurate.

It is determined upon conception, one of the many gifts from above.

By getting either a X or a Y chromosone. XX is girl, XY is boy.

Use baby gender prediction kit for checking the gender of baby while pregnancy

At conception. If a Y-containing sperm fertilizes the egg, it will be a male. If an X-containing sperm fertilizes the egg, it will be a female.

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Q: How is the sex of an unborn baby determined?
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