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Speed is measured by distance traveled divided by time taken. These radar guns measure exactly how far the ball goes within a time frame.Ê

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How can we detect the speed of the ball?

get a radar gun.

How is speed measured in volleyball?

In volleyball the speed of serve is measured. Speed is measured with radar gun. The best players can serve about 120 - 130km/h.

Where is the speed of tennis serve measured?

What is being measured is the speed in which the tennis ball is moving. A radar gun, similar to the ones police use for giving out speeding tickets, is used to measure a tennis serve

Where radar gun is situated to measure speed of cricket ball?

in my hands!!!!

Is there any equipment that can measure the speed of a soccer ball?

A Radar gun

How do you find the speed on RC cars?

Time to cover a measured distance, or a radar gun.

If you put larger diameter tires on your car how would the speedometer reading compare to the speed measured by a radar gun?

idon't know about the speedometer reading but the speed the radar gun is the same as the relative movement of the vehicle not the speed at which the tires revolve

What instrument is used to measure the speed of a bowling ball?

A radar gun or speed gun is used to clock the speed of a bowling ball. It works by what is called Doppler effect or Doppler shift. See the related links below.

How is the speed of a cricket ball during bowling determined?

Current technology allows the use of a "radar gun" to determine the speed of a cricket ball. There is a slight problem in that the ball is frequently thrown "down"

How do you calculate a horse's speed?

Radar gun.

A police radar gun measures the speed of a car by?

It measures the time it takes for the radar pulse to go from the radar gun to your vehicle and back. The pulse is fairly constant so the radar gun is getting updates and by comparing the updates to the time it can determine speed.

What is a speed trap gun?

A radar gun police use to check for speeders.

Which radar is used to measure the speed of vehicles?

A radar gun measures speed of a moving object basically cops use them

Did nolan Ryan throw abaseball 108mph?

There are innumerable URLs stating that his ball was measured with a radar gun at that speed in 1974, but I could not find any that explained exactly how accurate the measurement was. There's no question but that Ryan could throw a ball fast, but the question remains on exactly how fast.

When a radar gun says the pitch is 90 miles per hour at what point in the ball's travel to home plate is the radar gun measuring the velocity?

== The measurement is made at the point where the ball is when the trigger is squeezed and the contacts close to activate the unit. The gun responds in a "split second" by sending out a pulse, catching the return, and then comparing the two to discover the difference (the Doppler shift). It is so fast that the ball doesn't travel very far in the time it takes the unit to respond and resolve the speed. == It depends upon the radar gun. Some radar guns lock the speed at the instant the operator depresses the trigger. Other radar guns (such as the Bushnell® VelocityTM radar gun) include a feature that locks in the fastest speed that occurred during the entire time the trigger was depressed.

How far can a radar gun detect your speed?

A radar gun can detect the speed of vehicles of up to 1 mile, on an average. It depends on the radar gun's make and model, it may detect farther than 1 mile.

What do you need to find the speed of an object in motion?

radar gun

What is the fastest ball ever bowled in cricket?

Shoaib Akhtar - 161.3 kph vs England (World Cup 2003) However beware of accepting simple out-of-bowlers-hand radar measured speeds to settle this question. Speeds given for Shoab Akhtar/Brett Lee and others in more modern times are speeds out of the bowlers hand as measured from the batsman's end (by radar gun). One metre after delivery a ball has decreased speed by around 0.97 km/hr. Radar measured speeds are not particularly accurate. This is due to the fact (1) the ball is not travelling directly at the radar, (2) is slowing through the air, and (3) rotating in the air (presenting different seam profile).

When was RADAR first used to clock pitching speed?

RADAR was first used to clock pitching speed in 1972. Earl Weaver was the first person to use the RADAR gun to determine speed in baseball.

What are the uses of speed gun?

Not actually a gun, it is a hand held radar unit that can measure the speed of moving objects, such as cars, baseballs, etc.

In Virginia do the police have to show you the radar gun if you ask to see the speed posted?


How has the radar gun affected your lives?

Doesn't affect me - I obey the speed limit !

How do you measure the speed of a hockey puck?

you usually are supposed to use a radar gun...

How does a radar gun measure speed?

The principle behind a radar gun is the Doppler Effect; a moving object has shorter wavelengths in front of it than behind it. The formula is: frequency=speed/wavelength A radar gun works by aiming radio waves at a vehicle. The radio waves reflect off of the vehicle and by comparing the frequency of the initial wave with the reflected wave, the speed of the vehicle can be determined.

What police is used to catch people speeding?

Police use a radar gun to catch speeders because with a radar gun, you can see the speed limit somebody's doing and if it is way over the real speed limit, you just put on your lights and siren and chase after them. So, you use a radar gun. **********PEACE*********LOVE***************ROCK ON*************