How is volume determind for a backpack?

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How do you determind density?

Divide the mass of the object by the volume.

Does a backpack have a volume of 60cm cubed?

no - imagine 60 tiny 1cm x 1cm x 1cm cubes. Then imagine you have 60 of them. That many tiny cubes does not fill a whole backpack.

What is a sentence for backpack?

I have lost my backpack.We should go on a backpack trip.He stuffs the water bottle into his backpack.

Is backpack an adverb?

No, the word backpack is not an adverb at all.The word backpack is a noun ("pass me my backpack please") and a verb ("we will backpack across the valley").

How do you say 'backpack' in Spanish?

'Backpack' in Spanish is 'mochila.'

How do you spell backpack in Spanish?

how do you spell "backpack" in spanish? how do you spell "backpack" in spanish?

Were is there science in a backpack?

Where is there science in a backpack?

Can you give some simple sentences about backpack?

I was crying because I lost my backpack. Can you grab my backpack please? I stuffed the book in my backpack.

How do you backpack Europe?

"Backpacking" is traveling while living out of only a backpack, usually while staying in hostels. Europe is a great place to backpack, because the large volume of travelers means a good support system. If you are intending to backpack Europe, try purchasing a guide book designed for low-budget travelers, such as "Let's Go Europe" or Lonely Planet's "Europe on a Shoestring." Your local outfitter store should be able to provide the gear (such as a sturdy, large backpack) and advice you need to get yourself set to go.

What is the plural of backpack?

The plural of backpack is backpacks.

How do you say 'backpack' in French?

sac à dos nm pack (backpack)

How do you get specialty backpack in combat arms?

When you get to the right rank, you get the backpack as a reward. The backpack is permanent (and free).

What are the advantages of using a soccer backpack over a normal backpack?

A soccer backpack would be better for carrying sports equipment than a regular backpack. A soccer backpack usually has compartments to carry a water bottle in.

How where the bands determind for golf handicaps?

who cares about this bob does

What rhymes with McClelland?

determind, newland, opened, raymond

How do you spell determind?

You need another e. It is determined.

What happens to center of gravity with a backpack on?

It depends where you lean, the weight of you and the backpack, and the distribution of weight within the backpack.

Is backpack on Dora a girl?

Yes, backpack is a Girl

What is Selena Gomez favorite backpack?

chickennugget backpack

Which one is bigger a backpack or a parachute backpack?

they are about the same. it really depends on the type of backpack or parachute backpack you are talking about.

What does science have to do with a backpack?

Mybe the materials on which they use to make a backpack

Why is the backpack called a backpack?

Because it is a pack that you carry on your back.

Does this backpack look weird on a guy?

It depends on the backpack your talking about.

How do you get your backpack off on buildabear?

you can't take your backpack off

What color was the backpack Katniss grabbed at the Cournicopia?

The backpack was orange.