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Answer this question Its live able

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Q: How is your qualitie of life affected if you have huntingtons disease?
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What is caused by a dominant allele that expresses itself late in a persons life?

Huntingtons Disease

What is the life span of someone who has huntingtons disease?

Once diagnosed (usually around age 30-50) the life expectancy is about 15 years

How are Huntingtons Disease and Hemophilia the same?

They are very different diseases. Their points in common are that they are both inherited diseases, and they make a major impact on your life.

Who should have huntingtons disease testing done?

A very, VERY personal decision. A person that has a parent that has Huntingtons, and is now an adult, might decide to be tested for HD prior to having children, or to help plan what they want to do in life. At present, there is no cure and limited treatment for Huntingtons. Some people may not WANT to know that they have a disease that is ultimately fatal, and has no cure. My wife has HD, and we have 4 adult children. Three of them decided to be tested- one decided not to.

What characteristic of life does Huntingtons Disease affect?

Movement. It causes uncontrollable movements known as chorea. It is the highlight of this disease althought it also causes speech problems, sleep disturbances, difficulty chewing and swallowing leading to weight loss and malnutrition, and seizures.

What chromosome number is affected in sickle cell disease?

Christian Dutton has gunneria and will be a virgin for life.

How is a persons everyday life affected by Heart Disease?

This would depend on the persons age, their previous health status, what sort of cardiac disease they are suffering.

Are you able to feed yourself with huntingtons disease?

Well, that depends. When you have HD, you have had it all your life- since it is a genetic disease. As the symptoms of HD become more pronounced, one very common side effect is difficult in swallowing. In many cases, this can be addressed by the use of a feeding tube.

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It depends on the stage. It could be just like a case of the flu or much worse.

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Apparently yes; the actress is affected by the same disease of the nervous system that her character does.

What is the life expectancy for Sandhoff disease?

The prognosis for Sandhoff disease is poor. Affected babies usually do not survive past the age of three and typically, death occurs due to complications associated with respiratory infections.

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