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How large is an eight-week-old collie?

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about the size of a small lamb

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How large can a border collie get?

An average male adult border collie can weigh around 17KG and an average adult female, 15KG.

What is a rough collie also known as?

The Rough Collie is also known as the Long-Haired Collie. It is a type of dog that has a long coat. It is a medium to large sized dog. They were commonly used for herding in Scotland.

What is the difference between a rough collie and a collie?

A rough Collie is a type of Collie.

What are 3 breeds of collie?

Border collie, Rough collie, Smooth collie

Is there a type of collie called a fell collie?

Hi, not that i know of. There are 5 types of collie which are: Rough Collie Bearded Collie Border Collie Smooth Collie Shetland collie. these help more :

What is the difference between a Border Collie and a Bearded Collie?

A bearded collie is much bigger than a border collie and the bearded collie has longer hair than the border collie.

What is name of the collie dog in 'White Fang'?

White Fang's mate, the collie dog, was named Collie.

What breed was Lassie the dog?

The dog who played the character of "Lassie" on television was a (male!) rough collie.Lassie is a collieA rough ColliecollieLassie was a Collie (rough variety).Lassie is a Rough Collie.

What sort of collie was lassie?

It is called either a Fairy Collie or Smooth Collie

What type of collie was lassie?


Is the collie the same as the border collie?

No. The breed referred to as just the "Collie" is a very different breed than the Border Collie. In fact, the Collie is usually called a Rough Collie or Smooth Collie, based on whether it has long or short hair. Some Hollywood examples of each: Lassie was a Collie. Fly from the movie Babe was a Border Collie. There are other breeds with Collie in the name, such as Bearded Collies, Farm Collies, Scotch Collies. Collie is a general herding type dog description.

How many types of Collie dogs are there?

I only know of the original Collie and a Border Collie

Which type of Collie was Lassie?

Rough Collie

What is the Plural for collie?

Collies is the plural of collie

Is a Webkinz collie out?

I know where the collie is . They have in Dillars There is a lot of them in there.

What kind of a creature is collie?

A collie is a breed of dog.

What species is a border collie?

The Border Collie is a dog.

What is the scientific name for the border collie genus and species?

Border Collie: Canis lupus familiaris "Border Collie"

What is the same about the collie and a smooth coated border collie?

There isn't really a smooth-coated border collie. The border collie is a different breed, but the rough collie, with a long double coat, and the smooth collie, with a shorter coat, are pretty closely related. The rough collie and the smooth collie both originated for herding purposes in the British Isles. They have the same general shape, size, and colorations. The only big difference is the coat type.

What is a good border collie name?

Callie, Collie or Colby.

What is a chowder collie?

Chow Chow/ Border Collie Mix.

When was Bruce Collie born?

Bruce Collie was born in 1962.

When was Alexander Collie born?

Alexander Collie was born in 1793.

When did Alexander Collie die?

Alexander Collie died in 1835.

When was Collie Knox born?

Collie Knox was born in 1899.