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How legal is the CIA?


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The CIA is suppose to follow the law, however it is unknown, but to only a few if they are doing illegal activities.
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The main mission of the CIA is to prevent threats and tighten up the US national security. The CIA will collect information that matters by any means necessary (within legal boundaries), and they also work to keep secrets safe.

The CIA is composed of agents. CIA agents!

The CIA does not have ranks.

cia was just blamed for it. if anything, the cia went along with it to get nixon.

The CIA was created in 1947

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Yes and it is called CIA

suspect everybody from any age ANSWER Please clarify. If their kids were members of the CIA the CIA WOULD know about it, obviously.

Some of the features that are on the CIA government website include the posting of public CIA files, and the option to apply to become a member of the CIA.

The CIA was NEVER a part of the FBI

The CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency.

the CIA was formed in Washington D.C. in 1947

the CIA started in 1947 after the cold war

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

CIA is an agency of the US Government

Yes, CIA Headquarters is in Langley, Virginia

a cia file is a federal file on someone

Inside the CIA was created in 2005.

Who's Who in the CIA was created in 1968.

the cia the delta force are like the soldiers the cia are the ones who make the calls

Many CIA employees contributed to the making of the CIA World Factbook. It is an annual publication created by the CIA for the use of of US government officials.

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