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Drug and alcohol abuse is very common among people who suffer from depression and those who suffer from anxiety. I haven't seen evidence that narcissist are more likely than anyone else to use drugs. Or less may be part of their recreation

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Do gay people use recreational drugs?

Nearly every class of person uses recreational drugs. Certainly every sexual orientation has persons that use recreational drugs.

Difference between drug abuse and recreational use?

Drug abuse is use of drugs for other than their intended purpose, or use of illicit drugs.Recreational use of drugs is drug abuse. However, "recreational" has come to imply occasional mild use. "Drug abuse" implies heavy use, but not to the point of addiction.

Is going bald cause by drugs use?

It could be depends if you are talking about recreational drugs or pharmaceuticals

Why do people use drugs to look cool?

If people use drugs to look cool, it is because they do not understand the dangers of recreational drug use.

Did Zachary Taylor do drugs?

Taylor chewed tobacco. He did not use alcohol or any other recreational drugs.

Why do people use recreational drugs?

Most of the people that use recreational drugs do so simply... because it feels good. While I am not endorsing the use of drugs, the science is there, drugs make people feel good and what do most people want? To feel good, its just the way that people go about feeling good aren't the same. People swim, bike, read a book to feel good and some people use drugs, there are phycological aspects that can explain why certain groups of people are more prone to drug use than others. Also a major reason why people use recreational drugs is because they are addicted, at which point I wouldn't consider them recreational.

Why did Charles Manson experiment drugs on people?

He didn't experiment with drugs, he and his people like to use those drugs. So they would consume them as recreational drugs.

Is the recreational use of drugs ok if they are used in small amounts?

yes they are my friend indulge

If a person's friends use drugs and he or she is not more likely to use drugs than if his or her friends do not use drugs?


Is Using prescription drugs for recreational use is safer than using street drugs?

street drugs are illeggel but prescription drugs are fine to use, just don't take more than the recommended amount

Does Stephen Hawking do drugs?

No doubt Stephen Hawking takes medication for his condition (ALS), but he certainly doesn't use recreational drugs.

Is the use of mood altering drugs an appealing choice to a predominantly somatic Narcissist?

It is common for people with mental health issues to have a substance abuse problem - the term for this is "dual diagnosis". Since people with personality disorders have a strong tendency to not want to look at their own behaviors or inner life, many will use drugs or alcohol to avoid doing this. As for control, most who abuse drugs do not actually feel they are out of control; indeed, they will often say, "I can handle it." It is necessary to treat the addiction before a therapist can even begin to help the patient work on their mental health problem, because no progress will be made otherwise.MuseAnswerSince a Narcissist thinks they are perfect and more intelligent than anyone else it's doubtful you'd get them near a psychiatrist to be treated with any type of mood altering drug. If you could, it's possible, but along with therapy and that's near to impossible. AnswerIt's highly doubtful a Narcissist would play around with recreational drugs and may socially drink, but will always drink to a point because they are controllers and they don't like the feeling of being out of control which recreational drugs would produce. A Narcissist is more apt to take advantage of the opposite sex who is under the influence of a recreational drug. AnswerIt is highly LIKELY a N will use drugs especially cocaine as it makes them feel all powerfull. Then once the impotency and weight loss begins they may blame their partner. An N is capable of ANYTHING.

Is it safe to take snri and esctasy?

No, it isn't safe. Don't use drugs for recreational purposes, only use drugs for medical purposes. Their is no medical condition that is treated by ecstasy.

What does recreational use of drugs mean?

It means that a drug is used for pleasure, rather than a specific medical need.

What is it meant by the recreational use of drugs?

Useing whenever you WANT it not NEED IT. Trust me there is a difference. when you need you should stop.

What interactions are possible with antiretroviral drugs?

Use of recreational drugs while on antriretroviral therapy can trigger potentially lethal side effects or negate the positive effects of the therapy.

Do NFL players take drugs?

Yes, players in the NFL use drugs. Legal Usage: Players use drugs when the are under the care of doctors and trainers, much like when hurt or sick people use drugs in every day life. The use of the drugs is monitored by both the staff and the League for the overall health and welfare of the player. Recreational Drugs: The use of recreational drugs is a factor in the NFL. The League has rules against the use of recreational drugs, and a player can be suspended for using them. The NFL maintains a drug testing program, and players are tested at random times during the year. If a player fails a test they are entered into the NFL Substance Abuse program. The first offense is a 4 game suspension, a Second offense leads to an 8 game suspension and a third failed testis a one year suspension with the player having to appeal to the Commissioner's Office for reinstatement. Steroids & Performance Enhancing Drugs: The use of these drugs, typically Steroids, HGH and drugs like Adderall are banned by the NFL. If a player is caught using these drugs in the NFL they will be suspended. The suspension is the same as with recreational drugs. If a player is caught using these types of drugs they are entered into the Substance Abuse Program which dramatically increases the number of tests the player is required to take during the year.

Example of recreational drugs?

"recreational" drug use typically refers to occasional drug use, such as using cocaine at a party, or smoking marijuana at a concert. Most any type of narcotic or illegal substances like marijuana, heroin, cocaine, etc. can be "recreational". The problem lies in the addictive nature of the agents themselves and what starts out as recreational may turn into dependence.

Should pregnant women take ecstasy?

No they shouldn't, and I would discourage any use of recreational drugs by pregnant women.

Can you use prescription drugs and still be straight edge?

Depends if your prescribed it for a valid medical reason, and if its not purely for a recreational purpose.

When can you breastfeed safely after taking recreational drugs?

The obvious medical answer to this question is naturally evasive. You should never take recreational drugs in the first place, and should certainly never expose your baby to recreational drugs that might be in breastmilk. My fear is that the question is asked by someone who is trying to determine what would be a safe amount of time to wait after using a drug before breastfeeding. My hope is that what they mean to ask concerns how long after quitting the use of recreational drugs can one safely begin to breastfeed. The answer to the first is easy. There is no safe way to take recreational drugs and breastfeed during the same time frame. The answer to the second is a bit more difficult. A pregnant woman should stop using recreational drugs immediately upon learning that she is pregnant, if not before. After the nine month pregnancy period, she should be able to safely breastfeed once the baby is born.

Is the use of alcohol drugs and or tobacco often associated with chronic stress?

Yes, it can be. People often turn to recreational drugs, tobacco, and alcohol as an attempt to self-medicate stress.

How do you use narcissist in a sentence?

Run like the wind from a narcissist.

What is the definition of the word drug?

* administer a drug to; "They drugged the kidnapped tourist" * use recreational drugs * a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic

What are the effect of recreational drug use?

what are the effect of drugsThis is it in a nut shell the effects of recreational drugs for me, I lost my husband, my home, my cars, $200.000 thousand dollars, and my job in 6 months, I am recovered for two years, all I can say is I felt good at first and then it took me to hell, which I never want to go again, Dont do drugs its not worth it.