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What the hell? That is a wierd question. If you ski with a nose job and you are a beginer there is a good chance you are going to fall. However if you have been skiing for a couple of years then go for it. And if you fall and screw up your face then go get another nose job. If your that rich jsut go get another nose job. And you probably aren't a good enough skier or a hard core skier if your getting a nose job. Good luck with that.

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Q: How long after a nose job will you be able to participate in sports such as skiing?
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What sports are at the winter games?

Cross Country Skiing, Biathlon, Speed Skating, Long Jump, Slalom Skiing, Bobsled, Luge, Downhill skiing

What are three sports that France excels at internationally?

soccer, skiing, and long jump

What are all the winter Olympic sports?

Biathlon, Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Bobsleigh, Luge, Skeleton, Hockey, Figure Skating, Long-Track Speed Skating, Short-Track Speed Skating, Snowboarding, Ski Jumping, Curling, Freestyle Skiing.

How long has free style skiing been in the Olympics?

how long has free style skiing been in the olimpics

Was there skiing in the early 1800s?

skiing was around long before the 1800s

What could you put in your speech about skiing?

what skiing involves how long people have been skiing for and when it was invented, by who/ why people enjoy it. a story of when you or family/friends have been(to add humour and make the speech less dry) where the most common places for skiing are why people should, or should not go skiing. in any good speech there muct be an argument or debate that you are fighting for. if you are talking about skiing, try and argue why skiing is better than other winter sports.

What sports need cardiovascular fitness?

Marathon/long distance running, long distance swimming and cross country skiing are the obvious answers, but basketball, rugby and other high intensity sports like that also require a high level of cardiovascular fitness.

Why has it been difficult for Muslim women to participate in sports?

because they wear the long robes which causes them to maybe trip or sweat a lot.

What are the official 15 Olyimpic sports competions at the winter games?

Alpine skiing, cross country skiing, freestyle skiing, speed skating (long track), short track speed skating, figure skating, biathlon, skeleton, luge, nordic combined, snowboarding, bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, and ski jumping.

When are you allowed to participate in the lighting of a Menorah?

There are no restrictions on who can light the menorah. Anyone can, as long as they're able to light candles.

Can you still play sports with rheumatoid arthritis?

So long as you are able to use your joints the way the should be used there is no reason not to engage in sports.

How long has skiing been around for?

Skiing has been around for at least 7000 years. Evidence has been found that shows skiing originated in the country of Norway.

What times should skiing take place?

Any time of the day. As long as the weather is fine for skiing.

How long has skiing been in the Olympics?

Nordic skiing has been in the Winter Olympics since it's inception in 1924. Alpine skiing has been contested since 1936.

What is la roux's favorite sport?

She is not a sport person at all. She does not really like any sport but skiing. She absolutely loves skiing and she has not done it for a long time. So skiing is her fave sport.

What sports have the letter o as the second letter?

bobsledding; bocce; bowling; boxing; downhill skiing; football; golf; horseshoes; long jump; moguls skiing; motorcycle racing; polo; pommel horse gymnastics; powerboat racing; rowing; soccer; softball; touch football; volleyball

If you transfer high schools can you still play varsity sports?

Yes, as long as you are good enough you should be able to.

What long term affects does arousal have on sports performance?

not performing to the to the best of there ability and not being able to the concentrate enough

How long should the rope be for slalom skiing?

75 feet.

How is cross country perform?

There is cross country running, which is long distance running (4k, 5k, 8k 10k) k is kilometers. and there is also cross country skiing, which is long distance skiing.

How long has alpine skiing been an Olympic sport?

Since 1936.

How is it called when somebody is gliding on snow using a long plank?


Does Switzerland have skiing?

Yes, Switzerland is well known for its good ski areas, and long skiing history. See also: "Where do people ski in Switzerland?"

How does skiing help your muscles?

When skiing, you need to crouch down and bend your knees. This strengthens your thigh muscles. You also need a strong core to stay in the correct skiing position for a long period of time. Using poles also slightly helps your biceps.

What is the difference between twin tip skis and regular skis?

The twin tip ski is used in trick skiing, where upon the user can take a jump and land backwards, skiing for long periods of time backwards. The single tip skis do not facilitate backwards skiing.