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My merchant service will alow any charge, regardless of the date of sale, as long as I have a physical imprint of the card, and the correct signature (provided the card has not expired)

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Q: How long after a purchase can a business wait to charge your credit card?
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Where can a business purchase paper for a credit card machine?

A business can purchase paper for a credit card machine from Staples and Office Max. Alternatively, one can purchase this paper online from Amazon and eBay.

Is it legal to charge customers for credit card expenses under five dollars?

Yes, the credit card business is a very serious business.

How does credit card factoring work?

credit card factoring is a form of cash advance between small business and the credit card companies to provide cash flow for the small business as they wait for the card purchase to clear the credit card company.

What are the risks of a business that accepts payments by credit card?

While there are risks, the benefits certainly outweigh them: - fraudulant/stolen credit card number: The business will not be paid or the amount will be taken from the next statement - cardholder disputes. A cardholdercan dispute any charge on the credit card. A business has a set time to counter the dispute, if the business fails to counter or, in the eyes of the credit card company, fails to prove their argument, the consumer is refunded the purchase price.

How do you cancel an accidental purchase on a parent's credit card?

The only ways to cancel an accidental purchase on a parent's credit card is to cancel the order from the producer/provider or cancel it through the credit card's business.

Does Staples offer a business rewards credit card?

Staples does offer a business credit card which you can use to purchase anything in the store. But, I don't believe they offer a credit card that concurs rewards of any sort.

Can a business charge extra for work paid by credit card?

Technically it's unethical to charge more to customers who don't pay in cash, but it cost money for a business to accept credit cards and some small companies charge a credit card fee to compensate losses.

Why would a company not want to accept credit cards?

Credit card companies charge companies a sale percentage of the purchase price on every credit card purchase. Often smaller companies will not accept credit cards to avoid these charges, whereas bigger companies will pay them to open up to more potential business.

What does getting a business credit card do for your company?

Having business credit card helps the company and its owners secure a line of credit. Busnesses can purchase materials for jobs now and pay for them later.

I-tunes charge to credit card?

You can have itunes charge to your credit card or buy a prepaid card either a itunes card or a prepaid credit card ...

Where can I get information about a cash back business credit card?

You can get information about a cash back business credit card on the card's website on the internet or by calling the number on the back of the card. You can purchase hotels, gas, food, and many more.

Can a business force you to accept a credit to your credit card for a returned purchase that you did not make on a credit card?

No. I don't see how that could be possible. CCC's will only credit an account for a purchase that has been made on that account. I don't understand how or why a business would think they could make that type of transaction.

What happens when you run out of money on your itunes gift card?

If you have a verified credit card still on the account then it will charge the credit card, if the credit card used to make the account has been removed you will not be able to purchase anything unless you have an itunes card.

Can you take the fees credit card companies charge you for accepting credit card cards in your business as a tax write off?

These fees are part of the cost of doing business and reduce your taxable business income the same as other business expenses do.

what exactly are corporate credit cards?

A corporate credit card is a credit card made just for a business. It is extremely useful to a business owner to keep personal and business expenses seperate. It will also give the business a useful tool to allow the employee to charge expenses with the card rather than have to submit reimbursement requests.

Is the physical card required for a thief to charge to my credit card account?

No the physical card is not required to charge to your credit card account. All they need is the credit card number and back code. So yes they can charge things to your card.

Can a credit card continue to charge interest when the bank goes out of business?

According to my opinion, if a bank goes out of business or becomes bankrupt then credit card cannot continue to charge interest . Because now bank has no rights to give and take money from anyone.

How does a cash back business credit card work?

A cash back credit card is used as a normal credit card. The difference is that when one makes qualifying purchases, a certain percentage of the purchase is returned to the cardholder.

Where can a small business purchase credit card payment processing devices?

A small business can obtain credit card payment processing devices from their financial institution. This is done usually through either renting or purchasing the card reader.

Why is my corporate business credit card not working?

It could be that your business has reached its credit limit for the month. It could also be that someone using the business credit card is buying something not business related and the credit card company has stopped the card temporarily.

Where can I purchase home depot credit card online?

You cannot purchase home depot credit card online but you can purchase a home depot gift card online or in the store. To get a credit card you have to apply for it

Where to get a secured business credit card?

In order to get a business credit card with no PG you will need to have a strong business credit score. That is the first step.

What is an American express card a charge card or credit card?

Credit Cards are a type of charge card. American Express is a charge card brand that offers both credit and debit cards. It depends on the account type of the person using it.

Is it legal for merchants to charge consumer credit card fees?

Yes; the credit card companies charge the merchants in order to receive payments from them. In some cases (usually at small businesses or ones that do not do a lot of business monthly) the merchants can charge a small fee associated with using the credit card, or set a minimum amount to avoid the fee i.e. any purchase under $5 gets charged a fee, anything above that amount doesn't.

How can a small business get hold of a credit card?

You can receive a credit card for a small business by approaching your local bank or credit union. Chances are if you had the capital to start your business you also have the credit needed to receive a credit card.