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2-4 weeks.

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Q: How long after having your tubes tied do you have a period?
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How long is your first period after having your tubes tied?

Three days long

Will your periods fluctuate after having your tubes tied?

Yes, you won't have a period anymore.

Can you still be pregnant and have your periods with your tubes tied?

If your tubes are tied you are NOT pregnant, but you WILL have a period.

If you have gotten your tubes tied how do you still get your period?

You still ovulate and the uterus still shed the old lining. Having your tubes tied only prevents the egg from entering the uterus.

Can a woman become pregnant when her tubes are tied and she has her period?

No a woman can't get pregnant if she got her tubes tied no matter if she's on her period or not.

Is it dangerous to not have a period?

Missed period tubes are tied

How long to you have to wait for sex after having your tubes tied?

Its possible that an egg could have passed the point of ligation. To be on the safe side you should wait for your next period.

How long after having your tubes tied do you need to wait before not using protection?

Once your tubes are tied after your next period just in case you've already ovulated (max of 4 weeks depending on what part of your cycle you are in) To be sure, ask a doctor about this before or after the procedure.

Did anyone get pregnant more than once after having there tubes tied?

Having your tubes tied is not entirely effective, if you've gotten pregnant once with them tied chances are you can again.

Could you be pregnant if your tubes were tied almost 6 years and now are having pregnancy symptoms such as bloating late period and upset stomach?

You can't get pregnant if you had your tubes tied. It's not medically possible.

How long after getting your tubes tide can you get pregnant?

The whole point of a woman having her fallopian tubes tied - is so she doesn't get pregnant !

Does having your tubes tied effected your hormones?


Can You Get Pregnant After Having Tubes Tied and Hysterectomy?


Can you still get pregnant if your tubes are tied?

Can I still get pregnant while having my tubes tied and can they come untied on their own

Can i still get pregnant after having tubes tied going 8 yars?

Yes, you can because it was tied down a long time ago. Yes, you can because it was tied down a long time ago.

Do you have a period after getting your tubes tied?

Yes, you still have a period.Answeryes you get a period after getting your tubes tied. i just had mine done in April of 2001 and in may i started my cycle. it may be heavy at first for the first few months but then will go back to normal. if you do not get one after having the tied call your obgyn and let them know. you may get an infection.

Can you get pregnant after having your tubes tied and a partial hysterectomy?

You should not be able to get pregnant. Just having your tubes tied would be enough to prevent pregnancy, especially if they were cut then tied (tubal ligation).

With a tubal ligation can you have a period and be pregnant?

when you get your tubes tiedyes and no when you get your tubes tied you can still have your priod but no you can no get pregant.yes you can become pregnant after your tubes are tied, burned, etc. It is very rare but possible.

Can your periods stop completely after tubes are tied?

Periods will stop at menopause. Getting your tubes tied won't stop your period.

Can you be artificially inseminated after having your tubes tied?


What can stop women from having babys?

They can get their tubes tied.

How long to a women get pregnant when tubes are tied?

The whole point of having your "tubes tied" is to prevent pregnancy, so the question is kind of nonsensical on that level as well as the level of grammatically being nearly incomprehensible.

How do get your periods after getting your tubes ties?

Yes, you still have your period having having your tubes tied. The uterus still sheds monthly, even though there is no egg being released to flow through the tube into the uterus.

Does a woman still get a period after having her tubes tied?

well this discussion is un answered.thanks love, lindsay and rae rae.

Is it common to get your period late while your tubes are tied?