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12-24 hours

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Q: How long after shocking your pool can you swim?
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How long do you have to wait to swim after shocking to pool?

you have to wait about a day or 2

How long do you need to wait to swim after shocking your pool?

you should wait 30 mins to an hour

Can you swim after shocking pool?

You should wait a few hours after shocking pool and filtering. It may sting the eyes, especially for the little ones.

How long till you can swim after using Walmart Shock -N- Swim?

If it's the stuff that HTH makes, the Shock-N-Swim stuff, you can get in right after shocking your pool. I just did it today. It's specially formulated to allow you to be able to swim immediately after shocking with 47% available chlorine.

How soon can you swim after shocking a pool?

It used to be 24 hours, but now there is a pool shock on the market that lets you swim within 2 to 4 hours.

How long to wait after shocking pool?

After shocking a pool, a person should wait at least 24 hours before going into the pool. This allows the chemicals from the shocking treatment to evaporate, therefore, making it safe for your skin.

How soon after shocking the pool is it safe to swim?

In my opinion, there is no Safe Zone after shocking a pool! You must wait at least 24 hours. treatment technologies like Ultraviolet would aleviate the need to ever shock your pool again. Jon

How long do have to wait to vacuume pool after shocking?

Give it a day or two

Can you add shock to a pool right after putting in clarifyer?

Yes you can add shock solution to your swimming pool after or at the same time as a clarifyer. You should not swim in your pool for at 4 hours after shocking it.

How long do you have to wait to swim in a newly plastered pool?

If you can put water in it you can swim in it.

How long is the wait to swim in new swimming pool?

You can swim in it when the water is in it and chemicaly balanced.

What size is a competitive swim team pool?

If by a competitive swim team pool, you mean olympic size swimming pool, it is 50m Long and 25 m wide.

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