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How long after you buy a car can you drive legally without insurance in PA?


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All driver of a motor vehicle on public roads must carry proof of Financial Responsibility at all times. There is no exception for a newly acquired vehicle.


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You need to have it changed as soon as the deal is final, and all the paperwork is done. Don't drive anywhere without contacting your insurance company.

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You can't legally drive a car in Indiana without auto insurance for any length of time. If by chance you mean how long can you drive a newly purchased vehicle before needing to notify the insurance company that was covering your old vehicle you'll need to read your policy. Policies will vary by company but many companies will give you up to 30 days to notify them of the change in vehicles.

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As long as you don't P*** off your neighbors. Or else they will call traffic enforcement and you will be fined for no insurance. ($3000 in Alberta)AnswerNot legally.

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I would keep it in the garage but as long as you don't drive it you should be fine.

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You can't drive legally until you get them renewed

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