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== == I know they can't garnish your wages but not sure about liens.

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Q: How long after you have a voluntary repo can the lender hold you responsible for the remaining balance in South Carolina?
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I'm a co-signer on another car and I'm doing a voluntary repo on my car how does that effect me?

The primary borrower is responsible for this debt, but if they do not make arrangements to pay the remaining balance of this debt (once its auctioned off) then you will be fully responsible for the remaining balance.

What happens when you can't pay the remaining balance of a voluntary return?

The lender will sell the vehicle and you are responsible for the deficency. They will sue you for the balance left on the loan after the sale of the vehicle. The court will order you to pay and they can garnishee your wages.

If you voluntarily return a vehicle to the finance company are you responsible for the balance after the sale of the vehicle?

Yes, a voluntary repossession does not mean the buyer is not responsible for any of the remaining loan debt according to the original contract terms or for any additional fees.

If you did a voluntary repo on your truck do you still have to pay any money that they will not make reselling it?

Yes, you're responsible for the balance.

What happens if you haven't paid the remaining balance after the repossession?

"remaining balance" as in what you are behind OR the remaining balance due on the loan??

In North Carolina can they sue or put a lien on your business for the remaining balance of a car repo?

YES, a lender can get a judgment for the balance owing on a loan after repo.

If a car is repossessed from someone at a buy-here-pay-here lot then you take the car and it is given back who is responsible for the balance remaining?

Usually when your vehicle is repossessed it is auctioned off and the proceeds are applied to the balance of the loan after any commissions, fees or other charges are deducted. You are then responsible for the remaining balance.

Where do you stand if repossessed truck is sold for less then the loan?

You are responsible for the remaining balance of what the vehicle sells for and what you owed when it was repo'd.

If you let the lender keep your car and they resell it are you still responsible for the remaining balance?

Read your contract. In 99% of the repos , YES, you still owe the balance due.

If you have a car repoed in South Carolina do you have to pay the remaining balance of the loan?

Yes. Additionally, you will be responsible for any late fees, repossession fees, storage fees, transportation fees, and legal fees and court cost incurred during the repossession process.

Since your car has been reposessed can you be made to pay the balance legally?

As far as I know, in this state if it's repo'd it's sold at auction then your responsible for any balance left remaining between what's owed and what it brought at auction. But that's here and could be different by state. Yes you can, If the car is taken from you, you can be held legally responsible. They will take and sell the car at auction to the highest bidder. You are then responsible for all costs inccured from the sale. The balance remaining.

Can you be responsible for remaining balance of debts that were paid out of estate?

Typically, no, there may be some exceptions based on co-signers and benefiting from the estate.

Can you sue a co-debtor for the balance remaining after your repossessed car was sold if the co-debtor was declared responsible for the debt by the court but never paid?

Yes, you can sue a co debtor for at least half of the remaining balance. You would owe part of it as well.

In South Carolina can you go to jail if you are unable to pay the balance remaining for a repossession that was sold at auction?

No, we no longer have slavery or debtor's prisons. It's unconstitutional.

In chapter 7 bankruptcy after surrendering your car are you still responsible for the remaining balance after the bank sells the car?

No. The balance is an unsecured debt and is discharged. Sometimes people do not do the paperwork correctly, which can cause problems.

If I am a cosigner on a car loan and it gets repo is the owner of the car responsible for the remaining balance after it is auctioned or is it the cosigner's responsibility?

Both are responsible until paid in full. It will also be on both credit reports as well.

What structure is responsible for balance?

Vestibular apparatus from the middle ear is mainly responsible for balance.

Who is responsible for confirmping your bank account balance?

who is responsible for confirming your bank account balance

What happens when your car is repossed?

The company physically takes possession of the car. They sell the car, and apply the sale price to the outstanding loan. You are then responsible for the remaining balance.

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How is the remaining balance collected?

Who loaned the money?

Will you get sued for the money you still owe after your car is repossessed?

If you don't pay the balance of the loan after repossession, the lender can take you to court for the remaining balance or they can charge it off. Neither is a good thing, so it is best to pay the remaining balance as soon as possible. ___________________________________________________ Most vehicles that have been repossessed are sold at auction. When this occurs, you are responsible for any balance that remains less the monies collected from the sale. If a balance remains and you fail to pay it then the creditor or lending agency can sue for the balance due plus legal fees.