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after the PRMC there is a 6 week period between that and your RMC training at lympstone, which at a minimum is 32 weeks, if you get an injury or stuggle with a certain part of the training you will be put into hunter company and repeat that part of the training adding to the 32 weeks.

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Q: How long after you pass the royal marines prmc will you join the royal marines?
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Can you join the marines with scoliosis?

im not really sure it depends if you have the spinal fushion operation if you have this operation you cannot join the army or marines if your curvature is small and you pass the health check im pretty sure you can join as long as your scoliosis causes you no problems

What is the oldest you can be to join merchant marines?

There is no age limit for Merchant Marine applicants who can pass the physical exam.

What is the pass rate for royal marines officers?

I do not know the Answer however check on the PRMC forum on the Royal Marine Website and PM Ninja_Stoker he will give you the information Good Luck

Can you join the marines with asthma?

they will take you if you can pass a stress test they give you. if you are planning on joining than good luck!!!!! WE LOVE OUR TROOPS!!!!

What do you have to do to get into the Marines as a woman?

Pass the tests.

Can someone with AIDS join the Marines?

They would not pass the physical. The military is a dangerous place and blood is a common hazard. AIDS would be a hazard to anyone else in the unit.

Can immigrants join the marines?

Under some circumstances. If you have immigrated and become an American citizen and pass the other requirements then you may. I'm not sure if they take non-citizens...

Is there a limit on tattoos when you join the marines?

A limit of 4 tattoos none on the head, neck, hands, and fingers also no sleeves. Tattoos cannot pass sleeve when wearing short sleeve

Can a 10 pass student can join air force?

10 pass i can join air force

Can you join the military with an cornerstone christian diploma?

Of course. Anyone can join the military as long as they pass the PT and meet the requirements that depend on your physical attributes.

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anyone have a copy of the asvab practice test or something i can study for it with... i have to score @ least 50 on the practice test to be able to get my GED @ there program + join..?

HI my name is jesse i've been trying to pass the asvab too. I need a score of about 50 or more to join the marines i have books to study but still i can't pass the test do u know a good book to get to study?

Who is better SAS or Royal Marines?

Both the SAS (Special Air Service) and Royal Marines are very lethal parts of the British military, but both have different missions. The Royal Marines are part of the Royal Navy, and operate both as commandos, in small units, or in larger units as part of an amphibious force. The SAS is trained to operate in 2-3's, scouting far into enemy territory. In the 1991 Gulf War, for example, SAS in specially-equipped long-range jeeps roamed the Iraqi deserts from Jordan to look for the Iraqi Scud missile launchers targeting Israel and Coalition troops.

Do you have to be from America to join the FBI?

probably not. you just need to pass a test to join

Has anybody that made it to Marines look for help to pass the test because I can past it and is my dream to be in the Marines?

Be specific about what test you are having problems with and someone who knows and sees your querstion will assist you.

How many more push ups do you have to do in the marines than in the army?

On a physical fitness test? I know you have to do 42 push ups minimum to pass (17-21 YO scale) In the Marines they substitute their push ups with pull ups and you only have to do 3 to pass.

Can you join the army if you have taken steriods?

If you can pass the physical

What do you have to do in order to be a Marine Sniper?

join the marines as an 03xx infantry go to a victor batalion like 1/2,3/9,3/8 wait for the sniper platoon to run an indoc,pass the indoc go to the platoon,wait for a seat to a sniper school,go to scout/sniper school pass an become a marine scout/sniper

PokerStars Royal Street Poker today pass?


How do you join Indian army pass 12th class?


Is there a phone number to call eBay?

How can I join eBay? I tried to join by filling out the space to enter your pass word but when i had to copy it it was saying I copied it wrong, but I did not copy the pass word wrong. please help me join I had a phone number to call maybe I could join that way thanks Barbara

What function does Marine RECON play in the US Marines?

The Marine RECON play a vital role in the US Marines in carrying out reconnaissance missions. They must gather intelligence and pass it in to other Marine divisions.

Can a us citizen join the british marines?

Quick answer, no. The Armed Forces of the United Kingdom accepts only UK citizens and citizens of Commonwealth nations, with exceptions granted to citizens of the Republic of Ireland and members of the Brigade of Ghurkas of the Royal Army. If you're a US citizen with dual citizenship in a Commonwealth country (i.e., South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Bahamas, Cyprus, Zimbabwe - if your date of birth was prior to their withdrawal from the Commonwealth - Dominica, etc.), it may be possible. As a sole US citizen, it is highly unlikely, if not outright impossible. See related link "Entry Requirements: Careers: Royal Marines Home"Please note however:Numerous members of the USMC have served, and still do, on attachment with the Royal Marines (RM & USMC have a "Bond of Friendship"). Indeed, it's commonplace for the two marine corps to have exchange personnel in their respective training establishments (eg recently the chief PT instructor for the USMC's OCS at Quantico was a RM "Colour Sergeant"), and they frequently engage in joint training, especially in FAST, and general amphibious operations.The links are particularly close in areas like sniping (each regularly send students & instructors to each other's sniper schools), Advanced Warfighting & Amphib Ops (many RM officers attend these "laboratories"/ schools, plus general staff courses, & other courses at the USMC University), Mountain & Arctic Warfare (some US Marines do the British Mountain Leader course - much longer & more varied than their own courses in this area), and Reconnaissance/ special ops - there are always USMC Force Recon/ MARSOF types at the RM's SBS base in Dorset, and presumably the converse is also the case.Any USMC posted to serve on attachment with RM have to pass the "All Arms Commando Course" (a prerequisite for all personnel who want to be in 3 Commando Bde, RM: all attached British personnel - eg Army gunners, engineers; RAF FACs; Navy medics etc, have to pass it too), and it's rare for them to fail - because they're well briefed about what to expect, & chosen because they're the types likely to adapt readily to the RM way of doing things.As indicated above, to join the Royal Marines you have to be a UK or Irish citizen, or citizen of a commonwealth country who is resident in the UK. There are, however, Royal Marines who have US as well as British citizenship (often sons of Royal Marines born in the US when their fathers were serving on exchange with the US Marines!), and some US Marines serve with the Royal Marines on exchange, usually as platoon commanders or sergeants, and sometimes company commanders.

How do you get to the PS3 test on royal farms application?

what is pass 3 test

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