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The earliest sources of the Robin Hood legend are ballads earlier than 1450. They place Robin Hood in Yorkshire. In one of them King Edward is in Yorkshire and makes Robin Hood his yeoman. The only King Edward who was in Yorkshire before 1450 was Edward II, who was there in 1323. Among the King's servants in 1323 is listed a Robyn Hod. In my novel The Robin Hood Chronicles I assume that this Robyn Hod is the same as the Robin Hood of the ballads.

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Q: How long ago do people think robin hood existed?
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When was Robin Hood captured?

There is no evidence that a person named Robin Hood ever existed. It's a fictional story.

What is the origin of the story Robin Hood?

The oldest versions of the story of Robin Hood are ballads which existed before 1450. I base my novel The Robin Hood Chronicles on those ballads.

What Year was Robin Hood born?

The Sloane manuscript of 1600 claimed that Robin Hood was born in 1160. It is not known for sure when Robin Hood was born, if he really existed. There is some record of a Robyn Hood in the early 1300's, but similar records of Hoods have existed throughout history.

When was Robin Hood around?

Robin Hood, if he existed, would have lived during the time of the Third Crusade, which was in the late 12th century.

When did Robin Hood get married?

It is far from certain that Hood actually existed and it is not known if, when or who he married.

What happened to Robin Hood?

Robin Hood is a story that comes from about 1225 and was an oral story told to people. Eventually, it evolved and was written down, characters were added, and the story grew to what it is today. He never existed or is a composite of several people who were highway men.

Is Robin Hood black?

Historically speaking, Robin Hood never existed. He is an English folk hero, but in all of the old ballads about him, he and his Merry Men were white Englishman.

Was Robin Hood evil or good?

robin hood was a legand and to some people hes good and others think hes bab. robin hood helped in a bad way he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. in my point of vew i think hes a bit of both

At what age did Robin Hood start fighting?

Robin Hood was not real and the story began as a oral poem in the 1200's.. He was not real and there is no historical evidence he existed.

Who made up Robin Hood?

no one is sure if a guy called Robin Hood existed it's a myth that has lasted for centuries, but Sherwood Forest does exist (where he was from).

Did Robin Hood really exsist?

Yes he did but he really wasn't that good. Nobody ever really thought he was a hero. To everyone else he was just a normal arch-man. He really was but he was just to proud and confident of himself. When Robin really was alive he would just tell all the kids he was a hero. The children actually believed his stories and so they passed the old tale on. Well that brings us right to now.The sources of the Robin Hood legend are ballads dating before 1450. Presumably they are based on oral narratives which circulated earlier. Such narratives and ballads could not have existed unless people thought Robin Hood was a hero. In one of the ballads a King Edward comes to Yorkshire and makes Robin one of his yeomen. The only King Edward who was in Yorkshire before 1450 was Edward II. One of the men in Edward II's service was named Robyn Hod. I think Robyn Hod and Robin Hood are the same and therefore Robin Hood really existed. In my novel The Robin Hood Chronicles I blend the stories of the two men, Robin and Robyn, into a coherent biography of a Robin Hood who I believe really existed.

Is Robin Hood a murderer?

I'm not sure if he can be considered a murderer, although he did kill a few people in his time. I prefer to think of Robin Hood as a medieval SWAT commando. He robed from the rich and fed the poor; when he killed people, it was because they stood for something he did not believe in. I think that he only killed people when it was necessary, and he had good reasoning for it, so I'm not sure if the title of "Murderer" would fit Robin Hood.

Is Robin Hood a real man?

Robin Hood is a heroic outlaw in English folklore.There is no evidence that he actually existed as a person.

Is Robin Hood real or a story for kids?

Robin Hood is a character of folklore, who may have been based on an actual person . There is much written on Robin Hood, but much of it is contradictory or outright storyteller invention; so it is impossible to say if he actually existed.

When is BBC Robin Hood back?

I think Robin Hood should be back in September for the fourth season.

Did robin hood have a beard?

It depends on the story you are reading or the movie you watched. I don't recall the Robin Hood stories being consistent on this matter or even mentioning it at all. In the time period when Robin Hood existed, there were no electric shavers or razors the way we have now so shaving may have not been that popular. I would go for most people having a beard of some type.

When will season 4 of Robin Hood start?

I dont think so but i wish it would because i love robin hood

When is Robin Hood birth?

Robin Hood was a folklore legend in England. He has never been proven to have actually existed, so there's no way to know when he was born. Most of the references to him came about in the late 13th century.

Did robin hood have any familly?

Robin Hood must have had a family. In the ballad "The Death of Robin Hood" Robin is treated for an illness by his cousin, who is prioress of the convent at Kirklees. Robin's illness is not named; in my novel The Robin Hood Chronicles I assume that it was the Black Death, which killed hundreds of people in England in 1348.

Do the wealthy know the identity of Robin Hood in the story Robin Hood?

Robin Hood does not have a secret identity. Robin Hood is the bandit that robs from people in Sherwood Forest.

Why was Robin Hood important?

there were 8 different roobin hoods in between the 1200's and the 1400's. know to be the robin hood's. the origonal robin hood was robert hode who we think set exsamples because there are copy cats of the origonal robin hood today they give to the poor.

How do people remember robin hood?

people remember Robin Hood for the movies and living in sherwood forest if you don't know where that is it is in nottigham in Englan

Why do people belive robin hood is a legend?

Robin Hood comes from Child's Ballads, which contain many legends.

Why do people know Robin Hood?

Robin hood are known to many people. he was helping the poor.. he stole from the rich and gave it to poor people.. he was a great example of many people..

Was Robin Hood good?

robin hood is good and bad because he steal$ from the rich and gives to the poor. I personally think he is a good man.