Alligators and Crocodiles

How long are crocodiles?

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depends on the age, sex and species

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How long can Crocodiles stay on land?

crocodiles can stay on land for as long as possible

What do crocodiles do all day long?

Crocodiles eat and watch their territory.

How long can baby crocodiles breath underwater?

Crocodiles cannot breathe underwater.

What preys on crocodiles?

Pythons prey on young crocodiles. Bengal tigers prey on mugger crocodiles less than 12 ft long. Jaguars prey on american crocodiles less than 12 ft long. However man is the greatest enemy of crocodiles.

How long are Nile crocodiles pregnant?

Nile crocodiles are pregnant for about eight weeks after mating.

How long is the crocodiles teeth?

2 cm long

How long have crocodiles been around earth?

Crocodiles are believed to be 200 million years old.

How long have crocodiles been in existence?

existence* Crocodiles are believed to be 200 million years old.

How long are sea water crocodiles?

23ft long in length

Do crocodiles store its food?

No, crocodiles eat (gorge) whenever they can. They can go for a long time without food.

How long can crocodiles live?

about 60 years

How long do crocodiles grow?

they grow 45 to 50 metres long

How long is a baby crocodile?

baby crocodiles are about 5 inches long

How big are a crocodiles teeth?

crocodiles teeth are a bit long. well they can bite through a lot of human flesh.

How do crocodiles look like?

Crocodiles are long spike skin . However not sharp enough to cut your head off

How long do saltwater crocodiles live for?

1 day

How long have crocodiles been endangered?

41 years.

How long do crocodiles live for?

75 - 100 years

How long do crocodiles sleep?

Sorry, but don't know.

How big are the crocodiles in Australia?

12 feet long

How long is a crocodile's tail?

A crocodiles tail is about 6-7 feet long.

How long is the average alligator's head?

ow long is an average crocodiles head?

How long are crocodiles snouts?

Research shows about 2-3 feet long

What size can crocodiles grow up to?

Most crocodiles can grow up to 20 ft long and weigh in at 2000 pounds.

How long can crocodiles grow?

Crocodiles can grow up to 14 feet long but the average length vary. The male species tend to grow longer in length than females.

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