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How long are tongue piercings typically swollen?

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Anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, 3 at the most. If it is longer than that, the barbell may not be long enough and it might be too tight. Your tongue may stay swollen for up to two weeks around the hole, well mine was anyway. But if you find the swelling hasn't gone down within three weeks go back to your piercer. I found eating ice lollies one after the other really helped so try that. Hope that helped

2008-04-13 10:57:44
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How long should your tongue be in order to get it pierced?

There is no length requirement for tongue piercings. No matter how long or short your tongue is, a professional piercer will be able to make it work.

How is back dimple piercing done?

my dimple piercings are so swollen i have a long bar in them but my cheeck is to swollen nd im scared what do i do ?

Will a tongue piercing effect the way I talk?

Only while your tongue is swollen or if the barbell is too long for your mouth.

How long do tongue piercings take to close over?

the full healing process is about six months

How long should a tongue be swollen after getting pierced?

Usually no longer than a month.

How long utill you can change your tongue bar?

A good two weeks. If you take it out too soon your tongue may get swollen and your hole will close

Where did the tongue ring first originated?

Tongue piercings have been around for a long time. It dates back to the Aztec and Mayan culture, where it was done for religious practices.

Do piercings ever fully close?

Depends on how long you have them, and what kind they are. Piercings in the cartilage, lip and ear lobe rarely close completely, they scar while new skin might grow over the hole, the cartilage remains shattered. Tongue piercings heal quickly, because the tongue is a muscle. Dermal piercings also heal better than cartilage, but can leave a scar.

How long is a black lab's tongue?

A black labs tongue is typically 6 inches long. This can vary depending on where a person measures the tongue from. Some labs tongues might be 8 inches long.

For how long are coil piercings typically swollen?

They shouldn't swell at all, that's because of the cleaning solution you are using. Just rinse the piercings daily under warm running water and leave them alone. You don't need special cleansers for piercings just water and a little diluted anti bacterial soap once and a while other than that rinse it daily under running water after your shampoo and conditioner. You gotta get the conditioner out of the piercings so rinse well.

Who was the first person to get a tongue ring?

Tongue piercings were common in ancient cultures like Maya and the Aztecs so i doubt anyone knows because it was so long ago.

How long can you leave your tongue ring out if you had it for three months?

Just a couple of hours, if that. Tongue piercings close extremely quickly, no matter how long you've had them. I had one for over a year, took it out for eight hours, and it had closed in that time.

Does a tongue surface piercing hurt?

Yes. All piercings are going to hurt to some degree. It probably won't be sore as long though.

The taste buds on the tip of my tongue are swollen they have been as long as I can remember They don't hurt but they never go away Why are my taste buds swollen and how can I get rid of them?

they ARE your taste buds everyones tastebuds are different size

How can you tell when your tongue piercing is not swollen?

Your tongue will return to it's normal size and the barbell will begin to feel too long for your mouth. At this point it is time to go back to your piercer and have them change the barbell.

How long will a lip piercing stay swollen?

Lip piercings if you are following your written aftercare to the letter, should show a decrease in swelling by the two week time period.

How long does it take for the swelling to go down on my spiderbite piercings?

mine were swollen for about 3 days then i knocked one of them and the swelling came back for another day or two.

When you have your tongue periced how long is it swollen for?

when you get your tongue piecered it can stay swollen from like 1 week yo 2 weeks if its longer than that i advise you to go back ice will be your bestfreind and also help with the swelling. i got mines periced yesterday been on thice ervy since and it doesnt even bother me .

Will piercings stretch with time?

Some do. It depends how much you play with them and how big your piercings are. The ears do if you wear heavy, long or thick earrings. You can stretch those holes easily. I've seen the tongue hole stretch too, although it can close pretty fast.

How long do you leave a tongue stud in before you charge it?

Typically you should wait at least 30 days before changing the tongue bar that you were pierced with. A shorter surgical steel tongue bar may be put in to replace the original tongue bar after swelling in the tongue goes down.

How long do you keep piercings in for?

How long you want.

How long will you have a lisp after getting your tongue pierced?

You'll have a lisp whilst the tongue is healing, when the swollen has gone down you should be fine, however, some peoples lisps stay after getting their tongue pierced, my sister is. I'm going through this step at the moment i have a lisp and cant speak or anything

How long will it take for a 5 day old tongue piercing to close once you've taken it out?

I can close almost instantly even healed tongue piercings close up to where you can't get the bar back in. 11 years working in a studio and I am a master piercer

What is the chance of your tongue piercing getting infected if your three months pregnant?

generally pregnancy does not interfere with piercings. if your pregnant and you have your belly button pierced, put a zip tie or long bar in it so the piercing will not tear. its likely that if your tongue is infected that it is not pregnancy related. try getting a long bar, and see if that helps.

How long is the blue whale's tongue?

as long as an elephant tongue