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You should be able to use it as soon as there is water in the pool

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Q: How long before pool plaster cures enough to use a Hayward sweeper?
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Is it possible to use plaster of Paris in making concrete?

No, plaster of paris is not strong enough for concrete.

What type of glue should you use on plaster of Paris?

Not on its own. If you are making your own add PVA glue to the water before mixing. enough to make look like skimmed milk.

What causes a pool sweeper to quit working?

First of all have a look if you have enough suction and check that there is not something caught up in it.

In Victorian times what would a cross sweeper do?

A cross-sweeper's job was to clear the streets of horse manure for people who were wealthy enough to pay a street urchin to clear a foot path or road for them. See the Related Link below for an illustration.

Is 450 mV from the thermopile enough to light the main burners on a Hayward pool heater?

yes 400 to 450 is what you should get

What the Difference between plaster and skim coat?

They are the same thing. A skim means just a thin finishing coat of plaster about 3mm or so thick, just enough to cover any minor imperferctions on the wall.

What is Keene's cement?

Keene's cement it is a gypsum based plaster material that was originally invented somewhere in the 1800's by a man named Richard Keene. It is a quick setting plaster that usually requires a retarder or some kind of plasticizer to make it smooth enough to spread on a wall.

How do I install a pool pump that is using a CPVC union as used with Hayward North star in-ground pool pump?

You may be better of contacting Hayward about this as there is not enough information in this question to give an answer. Ues CPVC cement on the CPVC fittings and regular PVC cement ( either blue, or clear) on all the other PVC

Each pail of plaster covers 97 square feet of ceiling How many pails of plaster would you need to buy to cover the ceiling of a room with walls 14 feet long?

Area of the ceiling = (14 x 14) = 196 square feet Number of pails = (196/97) = 2 pails, with enough plaster left over to cover another 2 square feet.

Whats the best way to make plaster of Paris strong enough to make a mold of your thumb?

some people told me to put pva glue to the mix

Why does ceramic slip stick to plaster mold?

The plaster mold is very, very dry. When you pour, the clay slip is mostly water and the plaster mold sucks up the moisture quickly, creating a coating inside the mold. It's like pouring gravy onto a sponge...the water is absorbed, but the solids stay on top of the sponge if you leave it long enough. It's the same way with a plaster's a sponge. That's the reason you watch the pour opening and pour out the excess when it is the thickness you need. The plaster will continue to absorb until the clay pulls away from the mold naturally, yet it is still green.

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Manuel L. Quezon and the Street Sweeper Manuel L. Quezon, without telling his name, appeared to a busy street sweeper. "Oh my", the street sweeper moaned, "Here am I- a lonely, poor street sweeper. Since childhood, I started to do this duty. Now, I have a lot of sons and daughters. But look, I'm still sweeping...from all these years! What did the government do to me? Nothing, nothing at all! My daily salary is not enough to provide us food. Even my children aren't able to go to school because of it". "Maybe you might be rewarded soon", Manuel replied. "Soon, really? Soon when I am old and weak? There's no more chance", said the self-pitied street sweeper. "Don't lose hope", answered the person whom he is talking with," While one is alive, he shouldn't lose hope". The street sweeper did not answer anymore. He just gazed at Manuel trying to understand what he said. After a few days, the reward had come. The old street sweeper had his job promoted, gained honors and got higher wages. Oh, what joy he had felt! "The man you had talked with is a blessing", said the wife of the street sweeper after he told the story of his conversation with the anonymous person. One thing they don't know is that man is their former president, Manuel Quezon.