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You won't, but later in the pregnancy you can feel it move.

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Q: How long before you can feel a babys hear beat in your stomach?
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Does it mean you are pregnant if you feel pulse in your belly?

yes you can feel the babys heart beat and feel the baby kicking around

Where can you feel a dogs heart beat?

IN THE CHEST or down in the stomach

You can feel pulse beating in your stomach and im to old to get pregnant?

its probably a pulse from a vein. you can't feel the baby's heart beat by touching your stomach.

Why do puppys wants to always be on your stomach?

So they can feel and hear your heart beat

How do you no if you have fallen in love?

You feel it in your stomach before you do anywhere else. When you lean over to kiss and you can feel knots in your stomach, it is love!

Does your stomach hurt before you get your first period?

The pain is called cramps, as the muscles contract to get the period blood and tisues out of your body. This can happen a few days before your period. For some girls, cramping enver occurs at all. Others have cramps only when they actually get their period, too.

Having all the pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test now you feel movement in stomach?

Probably just gas. If your were pregnant you would feel a babys movement around 18 to 20 week.

How long after drinking before bladder empties?

when you feel a sting in your stomach and you yelp, then it's time when you feel a sting in your stomach and you yelp, then it's time

What does it mean when around your belly button hurts and you can feel your heartbeat in your tummy?

It's your pulse you're feeling when you feel your heart beat in your stomach

When can you feel the babys heartbeat?

in the belle button or what