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If the creditor has received a judgment the time is indefinite, as most judgments are from 5-20 years in duration and can be renewed. If a creditor perfects a judgment as a lien against real property, then the debt is considered permanent until paid or settled.

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Q: How long can a creditor hold a claim against you?
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Can a trust with a taxpayer ID be levied by a judgment creditor?

Yes. If the creditor has won a judgment against the trust. It cannot be levied for a debt against the beneficiary as long as the trust is a valid trust.Yes. If the creditor has won a judgment against the trust. It cannot be levied for a debt against the beneficiary as long as the trust is a valid trust.Yes. If the creditor has won a judgment against the trust. It cannot be levied for a debt against the beneficiary as long as the trust is a valid trust.Yes. If the creditor has won a judgment against the trust. It cannot be levied for a debt against the beneficiary as long as the trust is a valid trust.

How long does the state of Florida have to file a voluntary repossession claim against you?

There is no specific time limit for a repossession in Florida. Florida law does not require a creditor to give notice before starting a repossession.

How long does a creditor have to go after someone to collect a medical bill in Ohio?

I believe in Ohio a medical creditor can attempt to collect a bill for 7 years. However, they can hold onto the account as long as they decide.

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How long can a life insurance hold up paying a claim?

Not long. As long as all requirements are met the claim should be paid in a mere matter of weeks if not days. Get your agent after it. That is what he is there for.

How long can a creditor attempt to collect on an account?

As long as they feel its worth it, i have come accross a collector from 6 years ago that i forgot about - they rarely forget. There are not time limits for when a creditor or collector can pursue debt collection procedures. In the U.S. all states have SOL's pertaining to how long a creditor has to file a lawsuit against the debtor to obtain a writ o judgment.

How long does it take before a creditor will freeze your bank accounts?

For the most part, creditors cannot do this; the creditor will have to obtain a judgement against you first giving them the right to do so. You'll be notified of the pending court case.

How long do you have to bill the estate for services rendered when the testate was alive?

You need to check your state probate code to determine the time period in your state for filing a claim as a creditor.

How long after an accident can someone put a claim in against you?

It depends on the statue of limitations for the individual state.

How long did the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto hold out against the Nazis?

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How long after a car accident can some one claim against your insurance for damage to their car?

straight away

How long do you have to settle a claim?

There is no set limit on how long to settle a claim. There are time limits regarding your insurer responding to your claims. You can bring legal action against your company within 2 years (in most states) if you are not happy with the claim processing services of your company.

How long after death can a creditor present an outstanding bill against an estate?

That period varies from state to state. You would need to check the provision of your state laws.

How long do rechargeable AA batteries hold their charge?

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How long before a creditor can garnish your wages in Delaware?

A creditor must go through the proper court proceedings, and a judgment filed against you with the court before wage garnishment can occur. In the state of Delaware, wage garnishment can take up to one month.

Does claim have a long a or long e?

In "claim" it is a long a, as in clay, bray, bay.

How long do you have to file a claim against a storage facility for theft of a unit?

You have 30 days to file a claim. You must have a police report of what missing and the date it happen or when you noticed something

Is there a limit to how long a creditor can try to collect a debt in England?

it was that if the creditor had not tried to collect within 7 years it was expired

How long after a repossession can a creditor sue you?

A creditor can try to collect forever but it's usually not worth the cost of involving the courts.

How long can a creditor legally continue to collect on an old debt?

There are no time limits for how long debt collection can be pursued. Every US state does have a statute of limitations that designates the length of time a creditor has to file a lawsuit against the debtor. The SOL will differ depending upon the state in which the debtor lives or the debt was made and the type of debt.

How long can the D.A office hold a person before it has to file charges against them?

for as long as they want. But there should be some sort of bail that you can get out on.

How soon can a vendor send a client's account to a collection agency?

There is no law that restriction how long a creditor or business must hold a bad debt before forwarding it to a debt collections agency.

Can a creditor with a judgment garnish more than one income?

Certainly, as long as the income belongs to the judgment debtor. A judgment creditor could not enforce a wage garnishment against co-debtor spouses simultaneously. Wage garnishment must run consecutively no concurrently. Likewise a judgment creditor could not execute a wage garnishment against dual income of the judgment debtor(s). For example, if the debtor worked two part time jobs the garnishment could only be enforced as a singular judgment against one of the earnings.

Can one creditor garnish wages from two separate jobs?

Yes one creditor can garnish wage from 2 separate jobs. The wage garnishment will last for as long as a debt is owed to the creditor.

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