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as long as it takes the fly to have larvae or even longer than that


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Once house flies emerge from their pupa state they live approximately 2 to 4 weeks.

About a week as larvae (maggots) and two weeks to a month as adults.

The average house fly lives to be about 1-2 months old. That includes the average of swatted flys.It shouldn't stay for long and another idea that may help would be letting it out of the house if it stays for too long.

The house fly can be found basically anywhere, it is the most common type of fly we encounter in our everyday lives.

House flies live to 5 weeks and poo flies live up to 3 weeks I breed flies! poo and house and blue bottles i love flies so much they are the perfect pet ever you dont have to feed them, my house is welcome to all flies i have never killed a fly on purpose

a fly can live for 27 hours... (only if they eat European apple)

A Tse Tse fly will live generally from One to Three months.

As long as they live/work ofcourse.

they can live to be at least 6 weeks on its own

it can live for 10.000.000 years

How long do house flies live

It depends on the type of the fly. For some flies, the life expectancy rate can be 24 hours! A "house fly"'s average is seven to ten days, but it can live up to a month in colder environments.

A crane fly lives just long enough to mate...a few days

They CAN live 70+ days. Inside your house maybe....a one to two week period. But that can all depend on the condition of your house. If your a pig, they breed and, well.... you'll have Aunt Tillie and family until you clean your gross house.

long house no i think....yes,long house!

Flies can live up to 20 or 30 days.

In a house flying around getting killed and making babies with j beaber

common house spiders live for 1 to 3 year but can live longer.

Depends on the launching mechanism.

You can't domesticate a fly. Even if they had the intelligence req'd they don't live long enough.

How big is your house?

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Yes, house flies do have a heart. All animals have some type of heart so that they can live.

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