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It all depends on whether there is ground water on the other side of the gunnite shell and how deep it is. Assuming the pool is 15 x 30 feet with a 4 ft shallow end and an 8 ft deep end and is rectangular, not rounded: the weight of the gunite would be approx. 87,000 lbs (6 inch thick@3.12gm/cc). An equivalent weight of water would fill the deep end pool plus another foot. If the ground water exceeded that level on the other side of the gunite the pool would pop out of the ground and float on whatever level water you have. If you drill a hole through the bottom or side of the pool 1 or 2 feet from the bottom the lift pressure will be relieved as water comes out and you will have no worries. Gunite is very strong and the pool can remain empty quite a while if there is no: water, land movement , earthquakes, or other mechanically damaging prospects.

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2015-07-16 19:17:37
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Q: How long can a large gunite pool remain empty without compromising the structure?
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