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Q: How long can a male have trichomoniasis before infecting his female partner?
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How long can a male have trichomoniasis?

It doesn't matter how long he's had it. If he has trichomoniasis he can pass it onto his partner. It's easily cured with a several pills for both male and female. Planned Parenthood treats this

Can Trichomoniasis be spread to the offspring of a female carrying it?

No, trichomoniasis does not pass to the baby of a woman who is infected.

Can a female give trichomoniasis to a male?

Yes it is possible; about 50% of men are positive after having relations with an infected woman.It is possible, but not likely that a man be negative for trichomoniasis and the woman positive.Yes it is possible for the man to test negative for trichomoniasis and the woman positive; but is is not likely.

Can males get trichomoniasis?

the incidence of trichomoniasis in men is much higher than was previously thought.

Can you get trichomoniasis from a female?

No, an untreated urinary infection can't cause trichomoniasis. However, continued urinary symptoms, especially with a negative urine culture, can be signs and symptoms of trichomoniasis that were not detected during previous exams.

What is the Hebrew word for partner?

A male partner is a "shootaf", and a female partner is a "shootafa".

What is the most common route of transmission of Trichomoniasis?

It appears that trichomoniasis is one of the few STDs that can be caught through other means as well. Although the protozoan dies rapidly in dry conditions, it appears that you can be infected by sharing a washcloth with an infected person, or possibly by having your genitals come into contact with someone else's infected genital discharge.

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Can a female partner use her male partner's surname?

In general, a female partner will only use her male partner's surname after they have married. It is possible that you could change it with a deed poll.

Do female seahorses give male seahorses trichomoniasis?

Trichomonas vaginalis infects only humans, not seahorses.

Can a women get trichomoniasi?

yes, but the rest is left to your imagination. (try the nursery rhyme that continues ... three men in a tub.)Yes, a female can get trich from another female. The STI trichomoniasis is usually transferred during intercourse from a penis to vagina or vice versa, but it can be passed from an infected vagina to an uninfected vagina.

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