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Hey It's me, Jamie. If you Are looking for the answer to this question, then keep reading! At school I have Science Trivia questions and this is one of them. The answer to "How long can a snail sleep without eating", Is 3 years. Snails are very peaceful and slow creatures. I'm guessing That they can sleep without eating so long because their digestive system is terribly slow. I don't really know why, but that is the answer. I looked it up EVERYWHERE, and literally, EVERYTHING said 3 years. I hope I answered your question proporly. If this is NOT what you are looking for, Type Your question In the Search bar above.


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a snail could continuously sleep for three years without eating anything

== == A snail can hibernate for up to three years.

A snail can hibernate for up to three years.

Roughly 3 epochs but it varies from species to species

it is okay to sleep after eating dinner as long as you give some time to digest the food you have eaten.

you can go without sleep for about 1 month in certain cases of insomnia you can go for long as a year without sleep but u wouldn't know if you were awake

Yes, if it's too cold or hot outside, it'll curl up in its shell and possibly sleep that long.

An alligator can go up to a year without eating.

It can go up to 18 years without eating.

Not for long. After about 10 days without sleep, you will start to go a little crazy.

As long as you have energy you can go without sleep forever, as long as you have energy from coffee, soda, etc.

Crayfish can 1-2 weeks without eating. -lipika

they can live 13 days with out eating

my corn snake is about 3-4 feet long and can go about 2-3 weeks without eating

probly about as long as a human

A wolf spider can go without eating for about 120 to 130 years.

they like to eat once a week they can go months without eating

23 hours a day and the other hour is spent eating

3 months without eating food and 1 month without drinking water.

THEY CAN LIVE 10 days without eating as long as they can drink water :P

In the wild, during brumation, which is similar to hibernation, a red eared slider turtle can go for several weeks or even months without eating. In captivity however, it is unhealthy for a turtle to go this long without eating.

The Pink Toe Gayana can last about 0ne - Three days without eating.

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