How long can frozen chicken be left out of the freezer before it goes bad?

Two days in the fridge is about it, and after that (even cooked chicken) "when it doubt, throw it out!"

As long as the ckicken has stayed within proper temperature ranges (ie. under 40 degress F) it can last longer. Two days is cutting the food life short. Health department standards would allow for at least 4 days after it is cooked. It is not a static number though, it is upto each restaurant how long they keep it, they just have to be consistant to satisfy the health dept. In fact (in Kansas), frozen raw product that is thawed has no specific shelf life. Once it has been prepared it needs a date and time. The colder you keep the product - above 32 but below 40 - the longer it can last. Most meat drawers in refrigerators are colder than the rest of the space in the fridge so storage in a meat drawer will help. As long as the meat was not already bad, cooking it extends its life for another 3 to 4 days or so.

Keep the meat from sitting in it's own juices (in drip pans) and keep out air and light.