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How long can frozen chicken be left out of the freezer before it goes bad?


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Two days in the fridge is about it, and after that (even cooked chicken) "when it doubt, throw it out!"

As long as the ckicken has stayed within proper temperature ranges (ie. under 40 degress F) it can last longer. Two days is cutting the food life short. Health department standards would allow for at least 4 days after it is cooked. It is not a static number though, it is upto each restaurant how long they keep it, they just have to be consistant to satisfy the health dept. In fact (in Kansas), frozen raw product that is thawed has no specific shelf life. Once it has been prepared it needs a date and time. The colder you keep the product - above 32 but below 40 - the longer it can last. Most meat drawers in refrigerators are colder than the rest of the space in the fridge so storage in a meat drawer will help. As long as the meat was not already bad, cooking it extends its life for another 3 to 4 days or so.

Keep the meat from sitting in it's own juices (in drip pans) and keep out air and light.


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Up to 2 years if kept in the freezer.

Forever as long as you take it out of the freezer by December 21, 2012.

It usually goes bad after a few days in the refrigerator. If you buy in bulk break the chicken down into freezer bags so you can take some out as needed.

Meats freeze and keep well in the freezer. You can store them over a year if kept frozen. Freezing is the best way to preserve most foods.

If it is kept solidly frozen, it will keep (in theory) indefinitely. But in fact, it is fine to eat for six months after you have frozen it, but poultry deteriorates in flavor rapidly after that. After a year in the freezer, it would be rather tasteless when cooked, and after 18 months, it would be unpleasantly tasteless, though still technically "safe".

it goes yellow because it has become frozen it doesent mean theres anything wrong with it unless youve had it in the freezer for some time.

you should never let it sit out on the counter. Take it out the day before and let sit in the fridge over night

Yes you can cook chicken breast from frozen, but when it goes into the oven and cooks, it will let out a lot of water(from the defrosting). But make sure to add an extra 10 minutes or so for defrosting time in the oven.If you prefer it, defrost the chicken first, then cook it for as long as you usually would.

There's no way that anyone can answer that for you. There are too many variables - mass of the chicken, temperature of the environment, amount and type of microbes on the chicken, packaging, etc. Chicken should be thawed in the refrigerator, not on the counter. If quick-thaw methods are used (water, microwave), the chicken should be cooked right after thawing.

Chicken soup can be reheated several times before it goes bad. As long as the chicken soup is properly refrigerated afterwards, it can be kept for up to seven days.

== == It will technically keep indefinitely because freezer prevents growth of bacteria however the quality will diminish as time goes on. If it doesn't get freezer burnt you could use it at any time.

Uncooked chicken can only be left out for a short period of time before it goes bad. You should not leave it out for more than an hour in order to cut down on the chance of bacteria growing on the chicken.

Yes it can be frozen. I help operate a very successful seafood market in wilm nc and I am not sure exactly how long it can be frozen for before it goes bad but I am %100 sure that it can be frozen!

Depends on how good your freezer is. If it continually gets icy cold and then lets the temperature drop, the ice cream could get freezer burn within a few weeks. When it is freezer burned, it is unedible.

Technically all table salt is "frozen" because it is in the solid state. If you stick it in the freezer it gets cold but nothing happens. The freezing occures when it goes from a molten state to a solid. When dissolved it is considered aqueous solution.

If you "Came" and not "Goes", then I may have a solution. Think about this, can a chicken survive without an egg, yes, of course the chicken can survive without an egg. But, can an egg survive without a chicken, no, the egg must have the chicken to keep it warm. So, the obvious answer is that the chicken came before the egg.

Cooked chicken should be good for 3 to 4 days refrigerated.

It goes back to the last time when you saved it. That has happened to me before.

Any... It depends on the chicken.. But a lot of people put white and red wine.. Also when you are cooking people but spices on the chicken before they put the wine on and put they spices on and wine before it goes in the oven... So you get to pick what kind off wine you want to put on your chicken.. P.S. don't put wine on fried chicken just a tip..

Sure. Are your veggies frozen too? If they are I would put them in at the same time, cover it all with foil. If not, like a potato I would put it in about 30 min. into cooking the chicken. Rice in with chicken goes good too because it will pick up the flavor of the chicken. Remember to put in some liquid with all of this....not too much, but enough to keep it from burning.

At least 6 months, if you keep it frozen it will last upwards of a year. (it might lose some of its flavor though)

Cornbread goes good with chicken soup.

If it still has crystals on it, it is good. When the electricity goes out for a short time, it makes no difference as long as you keep the door shut. If you have had a storm, stuff the freezer so that there are no spaces and then keep the door closed. It should keep things frozen for a few days. At last gasp, ask the neighbors over for barbeque!

It will begin to melt within the first 30-40 minutes.

either you eat it then or it goes rotten with in 4hours if frozen

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