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How long can it take to get back to your regular cycle after going off birth control pills?


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2015-07-14 15:55:49
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I would say a month or two at the most. If you feel your cycle is irregular talk to your doctor they may be able to give you medication to help it get back to normal.

The pill usually keeps your cycle on schedule, well it did for me unfortunately.

I just stopped using my birth control pills about four months ago, and my period came on for the first time again last month. I guess that this varies among females depending on body type, how long medication use, etc. I was on the pills for four years and it took 3 months for my period to start again after I stopped taking them.

Same with me. It took about 3 cycles for my system to regulate back.

I was on BCP for 13 years. I got off them and got pregnant the first month trying. When I had my baby, I got period at 4 w post partum adn got back on BCP. I have had regular periods since then.

Good luck!

i was on BCP for about four years and got off of them last month and my period supposed to been started about two weeks ago and haven't seen any sign of it yet. i was weighing about 115 but now i just weigh 100. some people say im lucky but trust me i dont feel like myself since ive been off

I have been off birth control also for a month and am supposed to hit my period yesterday. I had unprotected sex around the times I should have been ovulating. I dont feel like I am going to hit my period, and I has bad cramps about a week and a half ago that were off and on for two days. I took two pregnancy tests couple days ago and they were negative. Should I take a test again in a couple days? When will my period hit, its always early?


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Yes, it's normal for your menstrual cycle to be irregular once you come off hormonal birth control. While on hormonal birth control your menstrual cycles are suppressed in order to stop ovulation occurring, once you come off hormonal birth control it takes time for your body to start ovulating on a regular basis again. It's a little like going through puberty all over again, or if you had irregular cycles prior to going on hormonal birth control because the issue wasn't treated it may return once you stop using the birth control. Your cycle may continue to be irregular for up to a year.

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yes you can. birth control in any for is going to redirect your cycle to 28 days no matter what. but if you want you period to come 3 weeks from your regular period( when you are on birth control you will not have a period, it is called withdrawal bleeding. because you don't ovulate while on birth control. withdrawal from the hormone causes the bleeding.) so actually you can choose when you"period" comes. hope this helps!!!

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You may experience some spotting, especially when your period is generally supposed to come. However spotting is very regular when you start birth control anyways. Normally DRs reccommend starting birth control the way your regular cycle should have gone, however you can essentially start birth control whenever you want. It just may have more side effects this way. You must remember that when on birth control your hormone levels and all reactions are caused by the pill. When you stop taking the pill your body only bleeds because it is going through withdrawl. Its not a real period. Your cycle will be completely overhauled by the pill, but it will take a bit longer for your body to adjust if you don't start along with your cycle.

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The primary risk of going on and off birth control is the risk of pregnancy.

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