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Why can't sharks come on land?

The can... Just not for long. Their skin may dry out.

Do bull sharks live in patonga?

No. Sharks mainly live in the water and rarely come onto dry land. You may find them in the waters around Patonga though.

Do hamsters live on a dry land?

hamsters live on dry land called hills they can also be found in pet shops

Do beavers live on dry land?

They can walk on dry land, but spend their time in or next to water.

Do camels live in the savanna?

Camels live in the savannah after they get old enough to fend for themselves. They can survive in the dry land for long periods of time.

What type of environment do ostriches live in?

Ostriches live on dry land preferably desert land.

Can octopuses live on land?

The octopus would dry out when on land and die.

Do humans live in coral reefs?

No they do not. Humans live on dry land.

How are frogs and toads related?

Frogs live more in watery environments while toads live much more on land. Both can live in both water and land and are called amphibians because of this reason. The frog's skin will dry out if it is on land for long.

How are amphibians different from repetiles?

Reptiles live on dry land; amphibians live on land as well as in water.

What if penguins lived on dry land?

There Are Some Types Of Penguins That Live On Dry Land But They Still Need To Be Near Water

What land forms did the Anasazi live by?

mountains and rocky dry dessert land

How long can a brown trout live?

About 15 minutes on dry land. They can get quite old if you leave em in the water though.

What environment did the minmi dinosaurs live in?

dry land

How many animals live in dry land?


What kind of habitat do mosquitoes live in and what waether do they like?

mosquitoes live in dry, moist land near the cold dry not moist land and not near the equator

Do toads have dry skin?

yes,toads have dry skin.toads also live on land.

Do tigers live in wetlands?

Yes,tigers live in dry and wet land

Do rhinos live on land?

Yes, rhinos live on land. They spend time in the water, but prefer to stay on dry land where their food is plentiful.

An animal that has dry scaly skin and can live on land?

A lizard

What environment did the dinosaurs live in?

I do not really no it but I think its on dry land

What zone does the sea star live in?

On dry fertil land

What kind of of habitats do geckos live in?

dry land or in water

Does a bullfrog live on land?

Bullfrogs are amphibians, so they live at the junction of land and water. They must return to the water to survive, but they can be out on dry land for a little while.

Can turtles be taken out of the tank?

Yes, they can live in dry land or in water :)