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You can keep it for hundreds of years (hoping the company stays in business) but you only HAVE TO KEEP it for a few seconds while you enter

an order to sell it.

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How long does someone has to keep a stock before selling it?

you can sell it immediately (within seconds) of buying it

How long does a tow company have to keep your car before selling it?

30 days!

How long does a dog keep her puppies before selling them?

Dogs don't sell their puppies.

What does it mean to long a stock?

Short-selling stock means you borrow the stock, sell it immediately, wait till it drops in price, buy it back, return it and keep the profit. This is how you make money on a declining issue. Long-selling stock requires that you buy the stock, hold it till it increases in price and sell it then, keeping the profit. It's what you do if you think the stock's fortunes will improve. Long-selling has limited risk--you can only lose all the money you put into it--and potentially unlimited reward. Short-selling has limited reward--the best you can hope for is for the company you shorted to go out of business, locking in your profit as all the money you received from the sale of the stock--and potentially unlimited risk.

Why do ciggerattes companies keep on selling ciggerattes if they know that it'll kill someone?

they are making good money off of them [cigarettes]

How do you profit from put options?

There are three reasons to buy a put option: to lock in downside profits: if you paid $10 for the stock and it's now $20, you could buy a put at $18. If the stock falls past $18, the put exercises and you keep most of your gain. in the hedging strategies "straddle" and "strangle." In those you buy both a put and a call. and to protect yourself against loss: you buy the put at the price you paid for the stock, or at a level you're comfortable with falling to. You can profit from selling puts in two ways. The simplest is to sell puts that expire worthless, so you keep the premium. The other is in a buy and hold strategy: you buy slightly out-of-the-money puts on stocks that change price in a predictable fashion. You then keep the stock until it goes up in price before selling it. This, however, takes months and if you're into churning stock it will never work for you.

If a gun is banned and you bought it before the ban can you keep your gun?

If selling the gun is banned, then buying it before the ban is no problem. If owning the gun is banned then it does not matter when you bought it.

Important of inventory?

Keeping track of your inventory is highly important when operating a successful business. Knowing what you have in stock or when you need to order something before you run out of stock will keep customers happier.

What is mean by consignment sales?

The seller does not own the item, they are selling it for someone else. When the item is sold, they pay the person the money and keep a percentage.

What is differce between share and stock?

share is what you give and stock is what you keep.

What the stock price of Google?

Stock price would not be stable, it will be keep changing.

What are the objectives of the stores manager?

1)to keep full record of physical stock in & out. 2)to keep stock ready for put to use.

What is the definition of par stock?

The basic meaning of par stock is the amount of stock a business or individual should keep on hand at all times. If your stock amount falls below this par, you should purchase more to keep it at that number.

Why do they keep on selling drugs if you cant have it?

The people selling it are dumb and they are bad, plus they WANT to get caught.

How do you sell stocks short?

Short selling consists of borrowing someone else's stock and selling them. You would do this since you believe that thestock will drop in price, which will allow you to buy it back at a cheaper price. It is the same concept as "buy low, sell high" but in reverse order. You will need a margin account with a brokerage firm to do this. A margin account is a brokerage account that allows you to borrow money or stock for the purpose of investing. When your brokerage firm receives your sho sell order, it will first check to see if there is another client in their firm that is holding the stock you wish to short sell in their margin account. You are not allowed to borrow the stock from an account that isn't a margin account. If the shares are available, you will be able to sell it. Short selling has a special rule called he "downtick rule". This means that your order will not execute if the last trade price on the stock was lower than the previous trade price. In other words... if the stock you wish to short sell last traded at $10 and the trade before that was at $11, your trade order will not execute until the stock "ticks" up in price. This rule was implemented to prevent short sale orders from driving down the prices of the stock during volitile and frenzied tradiing sessions. Sometimes, you may be forced to buy back the stock before you wish. This will happen because the person from whom you borrowed the stock (the identity of which you will never know) may decide to sell their shares and your brokerage firm cannot find someone else from whom you can borrow shares. This is an important risk to keep in mind when short sellling... you may be forced to buy the shares back even though you may not want to. In order for a stock to be "short-saleable", it has to be considered "marginable". there are federal rules on what makes a marginable stock, but many brokerage firms implement margin rules that are more stringent than the feds. Thus, a stock that is considered marginable in one brokerage firm, may not be marginable at another.

How much is an United Arab Emirate 1 Dirham coin worth?

I'm guessing that it's worthless in America but you might find someone who collects those kind of things and get some cash off of that. I have one as well so I'm gonna keep it as long as I can before selling it.

What are the selling points of golf?

The selling points of golf are: Golf is a sport that can keep you fit yet you can still have fun.

What can you give to someone and still keep?

You can give someone your heart but still keep it

When do you use hold in stock market jargon?

Hold means you buy stock and keep it a long time.

Do you keep licence plates in Texas after selling a car?


How do you raise 500 dollars?

try selling stuff with a high range of money then keep selling until the money you want

How can we find the maximum selling price?

Keep putting the selling price up until people stop purchasing the item.

Does Fred have a girlfriend?

No!!! At this time FRED (Lucas) does not have a girlfriend, but if we all keep waiting someone will snatch him before you! i was told he dose

How long will they keep selling the book Twilight in hardback?

Practically as long as people keep buying the book.

Can you sell my home while in a chapter 13 bankrupcty and keep the profits?

You will need to obtain the consent of the Chapter 7 trustee before selling any property of the bankruptcy estate.