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Depending on environmental conditions, HIV can live outside the body for about 24 hours.

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Q: How long can the aids virus live outside the body?
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Can aids virus survive under outside temperature?

No. HIV needs a host. It does not live long, outside the body.

How long the aid virus last outside the body?

The AIDS virus does not live outside the body for long unless it is enclosed in something or in something bloody. Thus, if you see blood, it could contain AIDS. If someone with AIDS takes off a shirt, that shirt has been exposed to air. All AIDS viruses have been killed. An AIDS virus lives outside the body until it is exposed to air.

Can aids live in fluid outside the body?


How long does aids virus live outside body?

Depending on temperature, humidity, location; it can be only up to a few minutes if it is in blood.

How long can an std virus live outside the body?

Depending on the virus and environmental conditions, it can live from about 1 hour to 1 week outside the body.

Can the HIV virus live outside the body?

virus is a non living thing outside the body it gets activated when get in contact with a body same as hiv its non living outside a body

Can Aids Virus survive in shower drains?

Aids depends on the right conditions to survive. it will not survive for long outside a live host.

How long can TB virus live outside the body?

1 day

Can HIV live in tattoo ink?

No, HIV doesn't live outside the human body. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Virus.) HIV is transmitted by contact with infected blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk.

How long does aids virus could live outside the body?

Only up to a few seconds, maybe only just a few minutes if it is in spilled blood because it needs to be close to body temperature.

Can the HIV virus live outside the human body in fluids if not smeared?

HIV is a virus. A virus becomes active only inside the body of a host. They need a host cell to inject their DNA. Outside the body they behave as dead organisms. Therefore they cannot live

How long does herpes virus live out of body?

It can only survive several minutes outside of the body.

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How long the aid virus last outside the body?

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