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How long can you keep a brownie mix after the expiration date?


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The same as cake mix. Approx. 3-5 months.

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Sometimes it goes bad on the expiration date, sometimes a week later.

Each package of chicken has an expiration date to go by. The chicken should be kept in the fridge for as long as the expiration date is good. Always freeze before the expiration date.

Usually until the expiration date.

Chocolate packages should have a manufacturer's expiration date on them. Chocolate should be kept no longer than the expiration date.

You should dispose vitamins immediately after the expiry date

now there is an expiration date on the one i buy

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It is not advised to drink any juice after the expiration date. The dates on it are to keep people from getting sick.

I don't. In fact, I don't keep frozen pizza at all.

You can keep your face cream until it separates. Some face cream has an expiration date on it and you shouldn't keep it much past that date.

It varies. Each coupon will have the expiration date on it unless it says "No Expiration".

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The can should have an expiration date on it. That doesn't mean that it is bad once that date has passed, but could be risky.

yes, usually a product is good for a few days AFTER its expiration date. an expiration date is usually just a guideline for how long to keep food for and is just a way that companies try to avoid being sued for food poisoning.

You actually should throw out any pancake mix, brownie mix, cake mix, etc, immediately after the expiration date because it can grow mold that could cause a life-threatening allergic reaction.

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Maalox is no longer any good after the expiration date. When the expiration date has passed it means that it is no longer as effective as it once was.

Every package of salami should have an expiration date that you should go by. If there is no expiration date, the salami should last up to week after opened if in a sealed package or container.

Well it depends on what kind of food brand is in the box. If it is cereal or cookies after the expiration date they will be stall.

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You can eat it 30 days after the expiration date is. No more!!

If the contract has no expiration date then the contract continues till the breach of contract.

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