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How long can you live in space?

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According To the NASA website about 30 seconds as long as you don't try to hold your breath. they say this woul dmake your lungs explode. they also said unlike the widley accepted theory, your blood would not boil. this is because it is a closed system and not exposed to the vacum in space. there was an accident in a vacum chamber with a leaking suit and the last thing the guy remebers is the water on his tongue beginning to boil...i wonder if your eyeballs would boil...that's a whole other ball game...

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How long do people live in space?

The astronauts will have to live in space according to the space plan, example the days in space planned by N.a.s.a.

How did the space shuttle invention help space exploration?

They allowed people to live and work in space for long periods.

How long can a human live in space?

How long do you think anyone can survive without air?

How long is a astronomer journey in space?

longer than u will live

How long does a praying mantice live?

maybe they are robots from OUTER SPACE

How long does a cricket live?

Crickets live for 2-8 months with correct heating requirements and space to breed and live...

How long do people live in a space station?

The astronauts usually live up there for 4-6 months.

How long do most stars live in space before a supernova?

How long is a piece of string? See the link.

How long did laika live in space?

not long, laika lived for 6 days but no one is compleatly sure

When will humans live in outer space?

I don't think humans will live in outer space for a very long time. Our scientists in NASA would have to work double time to create enough oxygen for our whole planet to live in space. You'll be waiting for a LONG time. Probably till 2090. If that date ever comes!! :0)

Can man live in space?

Yes, but only in a space ship / station or in a space suit and then only for a finite time as one has to take the resources to survive in space with you in to space (from Earth). No. not for a very long time.

Do llamas live in space?

No. They live on Earth, not in space.

How long is it from us to Japan?

(Edit this space to tell me what city/state/country you live in)

What is a space station?

A space station is a structure for people to live in space. A space station is a structure for people to live in space.

What is a large artificial satellite in which people can live for long periods?

That'd be a Space Station. Skylab, the International Space station(ISS) and MIR, are examples of Space Stations.

Can you live without space?

No,we can,t live without space.

Where do they live on the space shuttle?

they live and work in the space shuttle.

What is Spaces Live com?

Any space that has life in, on around it. Space is in front, behind, underneath, on the left and right of you. You are occupying space. You are live and you are in space live. Get it?

How long can astronauts live in a space shuttle?

most only stay up there for a few months.

What animals live in space?

No aniamls live in space. Their is no oxygen to breath.

Do peacocks live in texas?

Peacocks do live in Texas. They do quite well there. As long as they have adequate shelter from extreme conditions and have enough space they will do fine.

How long could an astronaut live in space with a space suit?

They would die instantly from the pressure in space, basically 0 seconds. you would live about 30secs-1min. fall asleep after about 15secs

How many astronaots live in space?

there is 8 million astronauts that live in space

Place where astronauts live and work in space?

space stations they work and live in

Can a crayfish live in a cycled six gallon tank?

yes they can as long as you have enough space in there and it has enough water