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Q: How long can you work without a break?
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How long can you work in a office without a break?

It all depends on the person.

Can you work 6 hours without a break?


You are in a long distance relationship and your boyfriend rather talk to your best friend what should you do?

Break up with him and work on your grammar! Break up with him and work on your grammar! Break up with him and work on your grammar!

Is it illegal to work without a 2 day break on vocational placement in australia?


Is it legal to work in virginia without a break?

No it is not, for a full time job I believe.

What are the required break times for a 8 hour work shift?

Can I work 8 hours an take 3 10 minutes break without taking an lunch break if I choose to

How long does a teaching assistant have to work before a break?

4 hours before a 20 minute break

How long do a minor that 14-15 have to work before a break?


How long is the drive by car from Melbourne to Sydney?

10 hours without break!

If you have an accident after working to long would that be a work related health and safety problem for work?

It depends. Were you at work when the accident occurred? And were you working to long because you were not allowed to take a break? If you were working to long and decided not to stop and take a break then it's you fault. If you were not at work on the clock when the accident happened than it's your fault.

What will Prevent laser damage to the eye?

By not looking at a screen for to long without taking a break.

How long should your meal break be at work if you are under 18?

30 minutes

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