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It would depend upon how many ampere-hours the battery bank can store and how often the 50 watt panel charges at full power. Obviously, if it takes 3 times as long to charge as it does to discharge (50/12 vs 1500/120), your battery is going to go flat in no time.

2007-03-21 17:39:15
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Can you leave the American Auto Accessories Portable Vehicle Heater hooked up all night without killing your battery?

No it is no safe to, it will probably kill you battery. It uses 200watts.

Why your 2011 sequoia start if the battery hooked up?

Because it is suppose to start if the battery is hooked up.

What types of device changes dc to ac?

An inverter, which is basically an oscillator hooked in with some amplifiers.

When a battery is hooked up to a battery charger how do you know when a 12v battery is fully charged?

The meter on your battery charger will be in the green

What are the car battery cables hooked up to?

the alternator

Can a lemon charge a battery?

Yes because the acidity level determines the PH level which when steel and copper are hooked into the lemon and hooked onto a battery it will start to charge.

What flows through wires that are hooked to a battery?

Electrons flow through wires that are hooked to a battery. The battery's negative terminal repels the electrons, while the positive terminal attracts them.

Why do the flashers flash when the battery is hooked up?

This is because each time the battery is disconnected, the computer in the car loses power. When the new battery is hooked up, the computer system needs to be reset to stop the lights from blinking.

How many amps does a AAA battery have?

A battery can have Ampere hours, but how many amps it will deliver is influenced by what the battery is hooked up to.

Is solar cell direct current or alternating current?

Its DC but needs to be hooked up to an inverter to convert it into AC before you can use it.

Does the battery have to be hooked up for the headlights to operate on a corvette?


IF you Use Inverter Stored Power Instead Of Electricity are you wasting power or saving?

Wasting energy if you are hooked up to the grid and charging your battery from a power socket.Inverter efficiency can never be 100% and this arrangement only makes sense to use during power cuts. If your battery is charged by solar energy or wind turbine then you will be saving power.

Physics principle of the battery invention?

Chemical energy in the battery is turned into electrical energy when the battery is hooked up to an electrical circuit.

Does a hooked up battery wrong and ruin a starter module?

A battery hooked up back wards can fry all sorts of electrical components. Every thing from fuses, to wires, to computers.

How many volts are in a 9 volt battery?

There's no set answer to that, it depends on the battery chemistry, how much the battery has been used since full, and what the battery is hooked up to. But basically, when new, every battery, when hooked up to a modest load, will have a tad more than the rated voltage - in this case 9 volts.

Transformer works on DC supply?

To convert DC (battery) to AC to run household appliances you need an "inverter". Because they are usually hooked up to a car battery (12V) they can't provide too much power. Usually enough to run lights, a small refrigerator, TV or laptop computer OR similar low power equipment.

Can I you use existing 8 3 wire hooked to a 30amp breaker was hooked to old electric heater to wire a heater that requires 10 2 wire its a 5000watt 240volt heater?

Yes the wire size is larger for that size breaker but will not effect the 30 amp breaker protection of that circuit.

91 Honda civic there is a wire that was hooked to the positive or neg cable to battery where do it go it has fuses hooked on it?

the positive side has the fuse

What battery last longest hooked up to light bulb?


Can you charge car battery while hooked up still?


How is the battery hooked up on a 1979 camaro?

Clarify please, 2 cables go to 2 terminals on battery.

You have no lights but you have a new battery and a new alternator what could be wrong?

Recheck your battery to see if hooked up right.

What happens if you leave a wire hooked to a battery to long?

The wire will heat up and melt and the battery may be damged.

Are any sprinkler timers battery powered?

There are plenty that are battery powered and also some that are hooked into your home electricity.

Will an alternator put out power if not hooked up to a battery and y?

No, the battery is part of it's circuit. In fact nothing in the car will work without the battery.