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the alternator

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Q: What are the car battery cables hooked up to?
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What is the proper hook up of positive and negative cables on starter i hooked up cables and tried to start it and it just clicked and sparked on battery?

The positive cable is hooked on the solenoid contact and the negative is hooked to the body of the car. With such connections you will never get the sparking issues.

You replaced the battery on a 1996 dodge stratus but now the car wont start?

are u sure the original problem was the battery and do you have the cables hooked up correctly.

Battery cable hooked up backward car wont start?

Depending on what you mean there are two answers. A car being jumped with cables on backward will short out the car either blowing the electrical system and or causing sparks. If you are installing a battery in your car and you put the cables on backwards then you will either drain the battery or short out the car.

Jumper cables on your Kia Sportage hooked up wrong and now your battery runs down every time it sits for more than a few hours?

well if you really hooked up jumper cables wrong and you got by the fireworks show then you probably damaged your alternator and battery. Possibly blowing fuseable link,but if car runs then alternator and battery.

CAN A battery can explode if jumped improperly?

Yes. Especially if the cables are hooked up backwards.

How is the battery hooked up on a 1979 camaro?

Clarify please, 2 cables go to 2 terminals on battery.

Can you charge car battery while hooked up still?


Jumper cables were hooked up wrong to my Chevy Malibu a 1980 I put a charger on the battery in the car and now it won't start. did i mess something up?

Probably. The alternator and voltage regulator may be fried, and the battery ruined. Take the battery to a battery shop and have them test it.

How do you remove a battery from a 2001 Passat 1800TI?

Best and easiest way to change battery in any Volkswagen. Remember if your computer loses power it will go into limp mode and you will find yourself at the dealership for vag-com. Have a friend with a good battery and a set up jumper cables and hook cables from his battery to yours, loosen battery terminals on your battery and carefully remove battery with out knocking the cables off (remember keep power to the battery cables on your WW). Carefully install your new battery and tighten the terminals. With jumper cables still hooked to your car start your engine, then remove the jumper cables. I would then take car for a short drive to ensure that there is a full charge to the battery you just installed.

How can you make a car without a battery move?

If your car has a battery and it's dead, you can call a friend who has some jumper cables. You can hook the jumper cables up to his battery and your car's battery. It should create electricity that will renew your battery. If your car does not have a battery, you would have to push it or get it towed.

What is a Battery post?

On a car battery, the cables attach to two metal posts which stick up on the top of the battery.

Why do the flashers flash when the battery is hooked up?

This is because each time the battery is disconnected, the computer in the car loses power. When the new battery is hooked up, the computer system needs to be reset to stop the lights from blinking.

Could giving someone a vehicle boost affect your battery causing fuses to be shorted out?

Not unless the cables were hooked up in reverse.

Why your 2011 sequoia start if the battery hooked up?

Because it is suppose to start if the battery is hooked up.

Why are some car cigarette lighters non functional when the ignition is off?

Because they are not hooked up to a battery wire they are only hooked up with an ignition wire.

Why were there sparks when cabels were hooked up wrong can the battery be charged again?

why were there sparks when cabels were hooked up when trying to jump start car is it safe to try and jump start car again

Where do you get the code for 2001 sunfire after the battery cables have been disconnected?

You dont and even after they are hooked back up the code would have most likely been erased after the battery was disconnected.

Will an alternator put out power if not hooked up to a battery and y?

No, the battery is part of it's circuit. In fact nothing in the car will work without the battery.

You hooked up the starter and hooked back up the battery and the car rolls over by itself and you cant shut it off what did you do wrong?

You hooked up the wires backwards on the starter go in and change them. That or you got the wrong starter.

What happens when you charge a car battery on the wrong polarity?

You can't recharge it hooked up in reverse. You will destroy the battery or the charger if you try it.

Who invented the battery cables for cars?

Probably the same guy who first stuck a battery in a car. A battery by itself isn't any use, you need to hook it up to something, and that's when you need cables.

What are lightning rod upgrades?

an upgrade could be the tazer or the electric car battery hooked up to your nipples

Will your car start if you hook up the battery cables in reverse?

No, and you may do major damage to the computers.

What are the top causes of exploding car batteries?

Hooking the battery cables up incorrectly. Reversing the polarity can cause the battery to explode.

They tried to jump your car but the radio fuse blew what happened?

There are many reasons a radio fuse can blow. However, if it happened while trying to jump-start a vehicle, most likely what happened is the cables were hooked up to the battery backwards.