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How long did cyclone Althea last?

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The winds started becoming destructive at about 7.30am and by about 11.30am it was safe to go outside, maybe a little earlier. I was there, I was 8 years old and remember gusts of wind started breaking things about 5pm on 24/12/71 and the wind blew hard all night. We lost power for several days. The eye passed directly over Townsville and lasted about 10 to 15 minutes, it was a strange silence after such feroucious winds and then the wind hit again from the opposite direction at over 200kms/hr. The roof was ripped off the house opposite us and crashed into another house taking all the fences with it. Fortuatley we were in a brand new single story house with Cyclone proof roof bolts and we were one of the few houses that sustained only minor damage from flying objects. The wind subsided on Christmas Day, I remember having vegemite on bread for Christmas dinner. It rained solid for weeks after the cyclone passed and Townsville was flooded causing even more damage. It was like a bomb had gone off, 90% of homes were damaged and many destroyed. The damage was far less than Darwin experienced when Tracy hit 3 years later but this was probably because Townsville had been hit about 16 times before and the building codes were stricter. Darwin had never taken a direct hit and as a result insufficient building codes cost them dearly.

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Did anybody die when Cyclone Althea hit?

Three people were killed when Tropical Cyclone Althea hit. The cyclone struck land on December 24, 1971. This cyclone damaged more than 90% of the homes on Magnetic Island.

Where did cyclone Althea hit?

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How long does a cyclone usually last?

it depends on the type on the cyclone

In what year did cyclone Athea hit Townsville?

Hi, not sure if you still need the answer to this question, but it was 19-29/12/1971 and it was Cyclone ALTHEA not Athea. You can find more on Cyclone Althea at the national Bureau of Meteorology website: hope this helps.

How long can a cyclone last for?

They can last for a few weeks.

How long did cyclone Larry last for?

45 seconds

How long does a cyclone or a twister last?

A cyclone usually lasts several days. A tornado usually lasts a few minutes.

How long did cyclone Nargis in Burma last for?

The cyclone only lasted about a week total, of which only a small amount of time was spent lashing Burma.

What is the name of the destructive cyclone that hit Myanmar last May?

Cyclone Nargis

When was the last cyclone in new zealand?

Cyclone Zelia (Jan-Feb 2011)

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Has there ever been a hurricane in Australia?

In a way yes. But in Australia they are called cyclones. Like most of North Queensland, Townsville is prone to tropical cyclones. They usually occur between November and May (the so-called Cyclone Season). Notable cyclones to affect the Townsville Region have been: Cyclone Tessi (2000), Cyclone Sid (1998, in particular damaging The Strand), Cyclone Joy (1990), Cyclone Althea (1971), Cyclone Leonta (1903) and Cyclone Sigma (1896).

How long did the Bhola cyclone last?

7 days; 7th of November 1970 - 13th of November 1970

How long did it take to get things back to normal after cyclone Katrina?

it was a hurricane - not a cyclone but i dont know how long it took it was a hurricane - not a cyclone but i dont know how long it took

When was the last cyclone in Australia?

The last Cyclone to hit Australia was in February this year (2011) It was called: Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi and it was a category 5 and matched the power of Hurricane Katrina

What was the last cyclone to hit Cairns?

the last cyclone to threaten Cairns was Cyclone Hamish, in March 2009. Hamish buffeted Cairns with strong winds and rain, but did not cause major damage.

What was the last cyclone to hit Australia?

Cyclone "Yasi" which hit the Queensland coast on 3rd February 2011 was the last one to hit Australia

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When was the last cyclone to hit Townsville?


How long did Cyclone Tracy last?

Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin just after midnight on Christmas Day in 1974 and lasted until about 7:00 am.The eye itself took about 35 minutes to pass.

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How long did Cyclone Tracy's eye last?

Cyclone Tracy's eye was about 35 minutes in duration. The eye passed over Darwin airport between 3:50am and 4:25am on Christmas morning, 1974.

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