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A cyclone usually lasts several days. A tornado usually lasts a few minutes.

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Q: How long does a cyclone or a twister last?
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What are synonyms of twister?

Tornado Cyclone Hurricane (with water)

Can you help me think of a movie title?

the cyclone twister

How do you spell tornnato?

Tornado. Meaning the same as twister and cyclone.

What is 7 letter word for whirlwind?

Yes,it is a twister or a cyclone.

What are other names for a hurricane?

cyclone. gale. storm. tornado. twister. blow. tempest. typhoon.

How long was the longest twister last for?

1990- it is still going today in Iceland

What is the difference between storms?

a tornado, typhoon, cyclone, twister, and hurricane are pretty much the same.

Which terms for weather phenomena could a roller coaster be named after?

Tornado, Hurricane, Twister, Thunder, Cyclone, Tsunami, Typhoon

What is another name for a tornado other than twister?

People occasionally refer tor tornadoes as cyclone, though this is technically incorrect.

What is the name of the destructive cyclone that hit Myanmar last May?

Cyclone Nargis

Is twister the last episode of suite life?

no, graduation.

How long did it take to get things back to normal after cyclone Katrina?

it was a hurricane - not a cyclone but i dont know how long it took it was a hurricane - not a cyclone but i dont know how long it took