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How long did it take to make the movie I Robot?


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it took a 1 year and 6 months to make the movie i robot


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I guess its take almost more than 200 crore .

It took to make the movie shrek almost three years.

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You take a program called MINDSTORMS Edu NXT that works with the robot called NXT thin when you buy the robot you have to program him with the program in your computer then you have a thred you put one of them in your com. and the other one in the robot you dwonlod it and like this the robot can take.

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it took exactcly 12 years to make the movie

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It took only 21 days to film the entire movie.

The idea of this movie is really depicting what it would take for technology to advance far enough to make a robot that has a personality, which was a fluke; most likely caused from the daughter of the owner of the robot named Andrew to to jump out of the window. Then to be able to make the robot appear to have skin that is really just multiple molded plastic pieces able to move by the parts that have to make up the face in the machines face. The movie was trying to depict the possibility of turning a robot into a real person that can eventually die but that is not possible. no matter how real a robot looks on the outside it is still a robot internally and can not have a spirit. That being said it can function for practically, forever just by charging it and keeping up the maintenance of the wear and tare.

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Making a 2 legged walking robot can be hard. It will take some time and money.

The movie was shot in about 5 and a half months.

From what I can find it took between six to nine months.

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An animated movie takes at least 5 months after its development is done.

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According to Matt Groening, it took around 4 yrs.

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