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It takes around 5-7 years for someone to become an astronaut. And this is after they already have college degrees and engineering or science experience.

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What is the original meaning of astronauts?

ASTRONAUTS=is person that train walking in the space

Why astronauts train a lot?

astronauts train alot so they won't mess up or do some thing unexpected or fall off the planet that they are on

How long do astronauts train to go to space?

It Would Seen Too Appear That I Do Not Give 2 S**** About Space :)

Where do astronauts train?

They mostly train in swimming pools, thousands of feet underwater.

How do astronauts train to be weightless?

they train by going underwtaer because its a similar expeience.

Where did Apollo 11 astronauts train?

deming nm

How do Astronauts train for space?

they go in water and fix things

In what city and state do US astronauts train?

It is Houston Texas.

How long how longdid it take Buzz Aldrin have to train for Apollo 11?

Astronauts began training on the first day they were selected as astronauts. Aldrin was selected with the 3rd group of astronauts in October, 1963. Actual mission specific training took about 2 years for each flight.

Do astronauts do any jobs on the international space station?

it depends on what they train to do

In what city and state do astronauts train in the Apollo 13?

I think its Houston

What do astronauts do to train to go to the moon?

They have to train to get used to weightlessness , and get over travel sickness as well, and the instruments as well.

What is a object that is 1 kilometer?

A long freight train.A long freight train.A long freight train.A long freight train.

How do astronauts train for being in space?

They train in a 600 gallon tank of water in real space suits, to achieve the feeling of weightlessness.

How long do people stay being astronauts?

they stay as astronauts for 6 or more months

How did Neil Armstrong train to be an astronaut?

He was a test pilot and then entered the NASA program for astronauts.

Why do astronauts train before going to space?

To be prepared because everything is different in space.

How long were the astronauts on the moon?


What would be the anti-gravity machine be used for?

To train astronauts or other unknown reasons.

Can you train on space or in a tight space?

It would be hard but astronauts would of been trained to do that so they can

How long do astronauts have to decompress?

2 days

How do astronauts train for zero-gravity?

Using the Vomit Comet to experience moments of temporary weightlessness.

What research does the Johnson space center do?

All the astronauts train at the Johnson space craft center in Texas.

Do you have to go up in space to be an astronaut?

No u do not need to go up into space to be an astronaut. Actually many astronauts train and train but don't get to go up in space.

How long was lady diana's train?

Her train was 25 ft long.

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